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Romeo and juliet

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Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet 1. Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet appeals to his audience in a similar way to writers in today's society because he uses the same kind of crude humor referring to violence and relationships. He uses the "slang" of that time, considering that it was commoners that went to see his plays. An example of this is "do you bite your thumb at us sir?", this is a rude gesture, which is similar to rude gestures that are used today. This shows that his audience would be able to refer to what he was relating to. Another way that Shakespeare entertains his audience in a similar way to today's films and books is by violence. ...read more.


2. Examples of witty dialogue; rude gestures and insults. 1. "I do bite my thumb sir."- this was known as an incredibly offensive gesture during Shakespeare's time, using the thumb. This is similar to the gestures used with fingers in today's society. 2. "Here's goodly gear. A sail, a sail"- this was a comment made by Romeo about Juliet's nurse. He was comparing her dress to the sail of a ship. 3. The story of Romeo and Juliet is centered on the feud between two families, The Montagues and Capulets. From the play we can see that people from the town are affected by this and some are fed up with the constant fighting over petty issues. ...read more.


4. Another significant theme of Romeo and Juliet is fate, the idea that the events of the play were destined to happen. From how the play is written I believe that this statement id true because throughout the play small statements were made that suggested that it was fate. For example early on in the play Romeo had a dream that predicted "untimely death," this was before he even meet Juliet. Another example is the fact that it was by pure luck they came to learn of the party the Capulet's were holding, which as a result led o Romeo and Juliet meeting. Little events in the play like this all add together that led to their destiny. ...read more.

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