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Romeo And Juliet

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Shakespeare Coursework Assignment Romeo and Juliet The play that I am going to be analysing is called "Romeo and Juliet"; written by Shakespeare, it is about two people that originate from separate families that are against each other. These two people fall in love with each other and are forced to separate; the fact that they cannot be with each other drives them to eventually kill themselves. This play was first published in quarto in 1597; it was then republished in a new edition only two years later. This play is categorised as a tragedy, the themes in this play are love and hate and these two themes contrast as two characters from separate families fall in love yet those two families hate each other. The main characters in this play are Romeo's family - the Montague's, Juliet's family - the Capulet's and the prince. The scene that I am going to be looking at in particular is Act 1 Scene 5; this is the scene where Romeo and Juliet meet for the first time ever. I think that this scene is dramatically effective because they show us at the beginning of it that the servants are slightly disorganised yet excited, "Where's Potpan, that he helps not take way? He shift a trencher? He scrape a trencher?" This shows us that they are slightly disorganised and are stressed out as they are rushing about to get things sorted. Also Capulet introducing the party and the Montague boy's gate crashing it also make it dramatically effective. Tybalt's argument, Romeo and Juliet meeting for the first time and the discovery of Romeo and Juliet's identity makes this scene dramatically effective because a lot of action occurs and new use of language is introduced into the play and a lot of contrasting is used e.g. "So shows a snowy white dove roping with crows" This tells us that she is like a white dove and everybody surrounding her are like nasty crows. ...read more.


He also says, "For I ne'er saw true beauty till this night." This tells us that his feelings for Roasaline were not true feelings and he just liked her, it also tells us that Romeo is a person that just goes on looks and he is slightly confused as before in the play he thought that Roasaline was his true love and now he thinks Juliet is his true love. But Romeo believes Juliet is amazing and she is his true love and he has true feelings about her. He is also willing to do anything to be with her as we find out later on in the play and if he cannot be with her then he must go to the extremes to make sure he joins her somehow. The language used here by Romeo contrasts with the language used by Lord Capulet because Lord Capulet's language was all humorous and he was joking about with people and being slightly rude and trying to have a good time whereas Romeo's language is more poetic and romantic and more formal he also uses a lot of rhyming couplets. The way Romeo speaks is the total opposite to the was Lord Capulet speaks and Lord Capulet is joking about whereas Romeo is serious and fully committed as he cannot be joking about when it comes to love somebody. The language used by Romeo tells us that he is a helpless romantic and he really loves Juliet and he is very good at talking poetically and talking about love. Shakespeare might have added a confrontation between Tybalt and Lord Capulet at this point in the scene because the party atmosphere may have been jolly and good and there may of needed to be something that ruins the atmosphere slightly. At this point in the scene the audience will be quite confused as to why Lord Capulet is turning on his own blood and favoring someone from the other family when there is a war going on between the families. ...read more.


It does make us want to find out what happens next as we do not know whether Juliet forgets about him or she goes after Romeo even though he is a Montague or whether Romeo's feeling about Juliet were not for real and he was just chatting because she looked nice. But we know what happens as foreshadowing and the prologue tells us that what they are feeling for each other is true love as they take their lives to be with each other. "If he be married, My grave is like to be my wedding bed." This foreshadowing tells us that she is going to die and if he is already married then she is already dead and she will not marry anybody else as she will die unmarried. There is a love and hate contrast as she talks about getting married and loving him yet she also talks about dieing if she cannot marry or be with him. We would also want to know what happens between Tybalt and Lord Capulet and Romeo e.g. whether Tybalt goes after Romeo once they leave or he goes after all of the Montague boys. This scene may appeal to a modern audience as this sort of thing happens between some families, e.g. when they have a party somebody that they do not like attends it and then somebody wants to kick them out also people fall in love sometimes from the two feuding families but the romance part may be slightly different as people nowadays tend not to fancy younger or older people and go out with them if they are quite a significant age older or younger than them especially not taking it to the extent of getting married but the themes may appeal to people and the fact that it also includes religion may attract other and lead them to believe its not all about love and hate. ?? ?? ?? ?? Page 1 ...read more.

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