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romeo and juliet

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Explore how Shakespeare explores the theme of love in Romeo and Juliet Romeo and Juliet is one of the most famous love stories throughout the world. In the play many different types of love are explored. The title is named after the two lead characters; Romeo and Juliet. The play was written in Elizabethan times. The strength of the play is shown by the fact it still exists in the present day. This play does not only explore romantic love as it is often associated with, it has different types of love. There are several variations of love within the play; these are courtly, romantic, fraternal and familial love. There are various other themes in the play. Shakespeare originally intended for this play to be a tragedy, not a love story. One of the types of love explored by Shakespeare in Romeo and Juliet is courtly love. One of the lead characters, Romeo, experiences courtly love early on in the play. Courtly love is an incredibly old type of love. This form of love was common in Elizabethan times. Shakespeare's audience would understand the concept of this love. Today's society no longer experiences this style of love. Courtly love is associated with arranged marriages. Arranged marriages no longer occur on a regular basis in the present day. ...read more.


" Romeo steps between them, Hold, Tybalt! Good Mercutio!" This shows that Romeo is prepared to risk his own life to help Mercutio. However, even though Romeo tries to stop his friend being injured, Tybalt still manages to injure him which leads to Mercutio's death. Romeo reacts to his death by being upset and angry towards Tybalt. Line 115 "Romeo This day's black fate on moe days doth depend, This but beings the woe others must end Enter Tybalt... Romeo This shall determine that They fight; Tybalt falls" Romeo reacts to Mercutio death by seeking revenge on Tybalt. By killing Tybalt, this shows how upset Romeo is and that he is willing to kill for his friendship. Also in this scene the audience can see that Romeo's fraternal love for Mercutio and Benvolio is greater than his romantic love for Juliet. We know this because when Romeo kills Tybalt he risks his love with Juliet. This is because Tybalt and Juliet are cousins. By killing Tybalt to get revenge for Mercutio, this might suggest that Romeo is more concerned about fraternal love than romantic. Another type of love that Shakespeare explores in the play is familial love. This is the love between family members; it is a caring type of love. In Elizabethan times women of a high social class were expected to obey their parents. ...read more.


This is another type of familial love. Romeo and Juliet have a tragic death together; "Juliet Stabs herself There rust, and let me die. Falls on Romeo's body and dies" This tragic event shows the extent of their romantic love. They would rather die than not have the love of each other. Romeo and Juliet's disastrous deaths end the feud between the Montagues and the Capulets. Capulet says to Montague "give me thy hand". This shows that the familial love the two families felt for their children is stronger than the hatred that kept their feud continuing. Shakespeare shows through this tragedy that the theme of love conquers hatred. In conclusion, Shakespeare was trying to explore all the different types of love in Romeo and Juliet by showing different aspects of each. The first type of love explored in the play is courtly love. This love exists between Romeo and Roslaine. Shakespeare also looks at romantic love, between Romeo and Juliet. Fraternal and familial love is also present in the play. Shakespeare shows through out the play that if you want to experience any type of love, you have to be ready to make sacrifices and to experience some pain. Also Romeo and Juliet's love story shows that the path of love does not always run smooth. The strength and power of this love story is shown through its continuing popularity from Elizabethan times to today. ...read more.

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