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Romeo and Juliet

Free essay example:

Describe a character or individual in the text whom who found interesting.

Explain how the writer made the character or individual interesting to you.

I found Juliet to be a very interesting character in the text. She is a very young girl that falls in love fast and changes her character all the way through the play.  One of the ways that the writer made Juliet interesting to me was her age. Juliet is at the same age as me. I believe by the writer making her near the same age as me it helps me understand the text better. Because she is the same age the things she does and says makes more sense and we can understand why she does those things. We can relate to the way she changes her character during the play. How she defies her father and her name to be in love with Romeo at such a young age and sacrifices everything to have her true desire.

Another way that I found her interesting and how the writer made her interesting to me was how she showed us about how strong and powerful young can be. The writer made her interesting by making her character fall in love at such a young age with Romeo. It shows us how it doesn’t matter how old or young you are you can still find true love. The writer shows us with Juliet how important this relationship was to her by do anything possible to be with Romeo. She went behind her parents back and snuck out with Romeo and again I can relate to this because if you want something our age you do anything to get it. She even said she would change her name and not be a Capulet any longer if it meant not to be with Romeo. Juliet even deified her parents and married Romeo and then went she found out that he was dead she killed her self because she couldn’t not love anymore showing how strong their love was. “ Be not so long to speak ; I long to die, If what thou speak’st speak not of remedy”

The last way that the writer made Juliet very interesting was changing Juliet’s attitude to everything from her parents to Romeo throughout the play. At the start of the play Juliet honored her family’s name and worshiped her mother rand father. Her desire wouldn’t go past what her mother or father wanted. “But no more will I endart mine eye that your consent gives strength to make it fly” However through the playa s she meets Romeo and falls in love with him she strays away from them sneaking out going behind their backs and going against their name and what they stand for. “Or , if thou wilt not,be but sworn my love, And I will no longer be a Capulet” She goes through the play being impatient and angry to impulsive wanting to be with Romeo so bad the being desperate to always being with him until Romeo dies and Juliet is in such pain where she cannot bear to live without him that she kills herself.

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