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Romeo and Juliet. The greatest love story of all time, how far do you agree with this?

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Romeo and Juliet Essay In this essay I'm going to answer the following question 'The greatest love story of all time, how far do you agree with this?' The play of Romeo and Juliet s about Romeo and Juliet's lost lust for each other that results in the families feuding for years, Romeo and Juliet struggle against their parents not approving of them being together. The play is very well known to all of today's societies as I believe the plays are part of today's curriculum, and recreated in many theatre productions and much more. Today's people are still interested in Shakespeare's play Romeo and Juliet' because it has a popular genre of a romantic tragedy, which is emotional and exciting to watch. This opening scene of the play shows Romeo's lust for the sweet lady Rosaline. He discusses the situation with his cousin Benvolio and discusses the upset of his love for Rosaline as he is obsessed with Rosaline and she does not desire him. In this scene he uses oxymorons such as; brawling love! And Sick health! These are repeated throughout act 1 scene 1 as is ads depth to the play and Romeos speeches. ...read more.


This is clearly shown when Romeo says; 'O then, dear saint, let lips do what hands do; they pray, grant though, lest fourth turn to despair' Act 2 Scene 1 is about Mercutio and Benvolio talking about Romeo wondering how he can be in a deep and hurting love with Lady Juliet. They are curious about love yet wonder why Romeo is not after sex, just deep true love. A quote that Mercutio influences the physical love is; 'To raise a spirit in his mistress circle' this is a more physical though scene because it describes sex and an erection entering the vagina area. And no 'soft' love words are included or mentioned. Shakespeare includes this scene to show that there can be a relationship between male and female without sex and a physical relationship. He shows a love struck boy showing his feelings from a love point of view and not a physical point of view, yet Shakespeare includes Benvolio and Mercutio to represent males and young boys in a sex way of mind instead of love and an emotion side. Shakespeare includes this act at this point as Romeo had touched thy sweet Juliet's lips and he has tried the physical side of thus relationship ands now expresses his feelings to ...read more.


Romeo and Juliet take their own life's to benefit each other. Juliet is not really dead just in a deep sleep and the message to tell Romeo does not get to him. He arrives to Juliet where she is 'dead' and takes his own life as he thinks Juliet is dead. He takes the poison and just as he goes to die Juliet wakes up and she realises Romeo has took the poison and is dead. Then Juliet takes her own life for real as she thinks that there is nothing left to live for as her earth, her light and moon have been took and ripped away from her. In my opinion Juliet's death is the most tragic because he rushes into her death, she doesn't think about family and people who her death will hurt, nor does she think about the good time she had with Romeo and all the things she has worth of living for the rest of her life. She just takes her life. Yet others may think Romeo's death was more tragic as he prolongs his death he takes more time to think about what it might do to his family and remembers all the good times he had with Juliet, yet he took his time thought about everything but still took his life as he thought there was nothing left to live for. Jake Richardson ...read more.

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