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Romeo and Juliet - Act 1 Scene 1

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Romeo and Juliet In Act 1 Scene 1, Shakespeare shows us how the 'ancient grudge' affects everyone in both families, from servants to lords. Firstly, you are introduced to Sampson and Gregory. Sampson vents his hatred of the house of Montague, he says 'thrust his maids to the wall' this shows Sampson's hatred is not only for the men but the women as well. This also means he also says he will take their 'maidenhead'. They see two Montague servants and Sampson bites his thumb - a highly insulting gesture. But before insulting the Montague's Sampson says ' is the law on our side, if a say ay' this suggests that may have been warned before and don't want to break the law this time. This also shows how the servants try to attain their desire while remaining on the right side of the law. a verbal confrontation between the servants quickly escalates into a fight. ...read more.


Benvolio is again portrayed as the peacemaker. When Benvolio and Mercutio see the couplets Benvolio suggests to mercutio that they should go indoors but mercutio replies ' by my heel, I care not'. This implies he has o fear of the Capulet's. Tybalt asks to speak to one of them. Mercutio, who is annoyed, begins to provoke Tybalt but as soon as Romeo arrives Tybalt turns his attention to Romeo. This suggests that he may have been looking for Romeo and wants to speak to him. Tybalt calls Romeo a 'villain' and commands him to draw but Romeo refuses to be angered by Tybalt's verbal attack because he is his kinsman. Romeo's for Juliet has made him effeminate. The patriarchal society believed a man in too much love would lose his manliness like Romeo. Mercutio angrily draws his sword and fights Tybalt. Romeo attempts to restore the peace. Tybalt stabs mercutio. ...read more.


Capulet was also shocked because in the society it was seen as a woman's dream to get married and had to respect their parents especially fathers. Capulet threatened to disown Juliet. Juliet could have taken her fathers offer to disown her and move to Mantua and live with Romeo. However this was not an option. Juliet as a woman and could not leave the society and her father had the right make her do as he wishes. Juliet's only option was suicide. The reason why Juliet refuses to marry Paris is because she is married to Romeo. Shakespeare ends the play with a very tragic ending. Conclusion Shakespeare successfully uses violence and Romance to engage the reader and have a tragic ending. Shakespeare uses the "Ancient grudge" to drive the action of the play as it leads to many of the violence. Also, Shakespeare uses wide range of techniques and violence and Romance very effectively to have a tragic ending. It is also evident that the play shows how prejudice leads to escalating violence. ...read more.

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