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Romeo and Juliet act 1 scene 5

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In my essay I will be studying the meeting of the "two star-crossed lovers": Romeo and Juliet. The play, which was written in 1595 by the famous William Shakespeare, is one of his most popular and is well known around the globe. In this essay I will be exploring how Shakespeare presents Romeo and Juliet's meeting in Act 1 Scene 5. It all takes place in Verona, Italy. A young boy from the Montague family falls in love with the beautiful Juliet of the Capulet family. An ancient feud between their families makes their love impossible, only when their blood is shed and their lives come to an abrupt and premature end may the feud come to a close. William Shakespeare has made the structure of Act 1 Scene 5 very sectional. Throughout the play there are lots of characters who enter and leave. Shakespeare uses very little stage directions; this is because he believes that the language he uses should lead to natural directions and movements. In first section of Act 1 Scene 5, the servants are arguing amongst themselves about how Potpan doesn't do his fair share of the work. Shakespeare has used this to foreshadow the events which occur later in the scene, where Lord Capulet and Tybalt argue about Romeo's presence at the Capulet party. ...read more.


He is unforgiving, however also loyal to his family as he feels he must defend them even through violence this foreshadows the fight which occurs in Act 3 Scene 1. Romeo is seen as a shallow young boy: he falls in love only with beauty before waiting to find out what the person is like. Juliet implies this after their first kiss by saying "you kiss by the book." This could be perceived as two different things, one being that Romeo is a good kisser or that their kiss must have meant nothing to him as he is too experienced. Not much can be determined about Juliet's personality in this scene, however we find out that she is devastated when she realises how her "only love" is sprung from her "only hate". It is also clear by the language used that Shakespeare has portrayed her to be a polite, obedient, courteous and pure young girl. She says how the timing of their meeting is wrong and how she wishes how the feud was over and they could be happy together. She is deeply upset and frustrated that she "must love a loathed enemy". However she is strong willed and she is willing to rebel against everything her family believes in so she can defend her decision and love. ...read more.


The language used between Romeo and Juliet is pure and holy; in contrast Tybalt's language goes against everything which they have said. The Bible teaches to forgive, and love thy enemy, however this is one thing which he can't bring himself to do. Instead he is consumed by the over powering need to defend his family's honour which was extremely important in the Elizabethan period. An Elizabethan audience would of enjoyed this scene for many reasons, one of which being one of the forms of entertainment which is included. The scene opens with Lord Capulet's party. He is being jovial and trying his hardest to ensure he is a good host because it boosts the reputation and honour of his family which was extremely important at this time. Also when the play would be performed it would include Elizabethan dancing as portrayed in some of the more modern films which depict this famous play. The stage directions at the beginning of the play read "come forth with napkins". Traditionally in Elizabethan theatre the symbol of a party would always be to come forth or wave napkins. Therefore it can be seen that in William Shakespeare's play "Romeo and Juliet" there are a vast amount of language techniques used and a variation in dramatic structure and language devices. A large amount of historical context has been woven into the play and I believe it will be popular for many more centuries to come. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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