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Romeo and Juliet Act 1 Scene 5

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Romeo And Juliet Assignment For A* - C Candidates Analyse the effectiveness of the dramatic techniques used in act 1 scene 5 and this scenes relationship to the rest of the play. Act 1 Scene 5's is one of the most essential scenes in the play. It shows how Romeo and Juliet fall in love. Shakespeare wanted to present the audience with a clear understanding of how and where Romeo and Juliet fall in love. Some key dramatic techniques in this scene are that there is a lot of commotion in the scene, and that Romeo and Juliet are in the middle; this draws attention to them. In this scene you also see the hostility of the families towards each other; this is emphasized by Tybalt clearly being aggressive towards Romeo. Another dramatic technique used in this scene is the sonnet, you can tell the couple are going to get interrupted; the sonnet doesn't follow on with the pattern of the rhyme as most sonnets follow a pattern of 14 lines and rhyming couplets. Also, in this scene the couple discover that they are from families that are at war with each other. Another key dramatic technique in this scene is the dramatic irony; the audience know they are from opposite families. ...read more.


I think Shakespeare has planned this play well in comparison to the families hate towards each other; the two lovers have to work hard to actually be together. The opposition between the two families is enforced all the way through the play, there is always hate and rage lurking in the emotions of characters. The opposition is either shown in a physical way or a verbal; or sometimes both. Some of the more physical aspects are when Tybalt is at the ball saying he will remove Romeo with his rapier, this scene could be played as follows; Old Capulet could be physically blocking Tybalt from going near Romeo and causing an uproar. Marriage is shown in a different way than it is in modern life, the women could get married young. I think women were the more submissive gender as men seemed to be in control. In this scene Shakespeare develops Romeo and Juliet by useing the sonnet, this makes them appear poetic and romantic, and Romeo's soliloquy about Juliet's beauty shows that he is maturing into a man. The nurse in this scene is the key to Juliet leaving the scene; the nurse says that Juliet's mother wants to talk to her; Shakespeare uses her to help Juliet in a lot of things such as her wedding with Romeo. ...read more.


He is comparing the jewel to Juliet and the ear to the night, and that the contrast between the two is amazing. He also says he has "Ne'er saw true beauty till this night" this means he thinks she is the most beautiful thing he has ever seen. The variance in the dramatic techniques is interesting in this scene. One way that Shakespeare keeps the audiences attention is that he has Romeo and Juliet in the centre; with a lot of commotion around them such as the servants handing drinks out and other people dancing around them. This scene is really important to the play as it tells the audience about the couple; that they are from opposing families, this is the irony; the audience know this but Romeo and Juliet soon find out too. In this scene Shakespeare wanted to create a clear understanding of how Romeo and Juliet fall in love, and I think he achieved that in great succession in this scene. We know there is a great grudge between the families, and this is proven by Tybalt and his hostility towards Romeo; as he wants to kill Romeo for intruding on the party. Old Capulet stop him from doing so as he tells Tybalt "He shall be endured". ...read more.

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