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Romeo and Juliet - Act 3 Scene 1.

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Romeo and Juliet Act3 Scene1 This is the most significant scene from the whole play. The scene is significant because it is the climax of the play. This is the scene in which Mercutio is killed by Tybalt and Romeo forgets about the love of his life and has to avenge Mercutio's death from Tybalt. The mood in this scene is constantly changing. There are different moods in this scene because different characters are entering and also because changes are occurring all the way through. My production is going to be a modern film version of Romeo and Juliet. In this production there will be different camera shots and modern clothes will be used. ...read more.


Even through Benvolio tries to convince Mercutio to go home with him; Mercutio has no intention of leaving the area. Mercutio is a hot blooded, fiery and typical young man who wants to have fun and to let his funny side run wild. He wants to relax so he refuses to leave. While constructing this scene I will have Mercutio running around the place acting misdueviously so the movement can indicate the excitement and the intention of Mercutio, the movement will also portray that he is always active and messing around. Tybalt enters and the mood changes instantly from calm to aggression. ...read more.


Mercutio is not scared to face a challenge "Couple..." He is not frightened he does not show fear to fight for family honour. Even in such a serious situation Mercutio doesn't allow his humour to die "Consort?..." as Tybalt says something he makes a joke out of it. Tybalt wants to fight Romeo " Here comes my man" but Romeo doesn't want to fight he says to Tybalt that he loves him and everyone around him think that he has gone mad. Mercutio fights for family honour and gets killed by Tybalt. Romeo forgets about Juliet and fights Tybalt till death to avenge Mercutio's death Romeo kills Tybalt. This is the climax of the play so some care needs to be given towards it as this is the most important scene from the whole play. ...read more.

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