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Romeo And Juliet (Act 3 Scene 5)

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Romeo And Juliet (Act 3 Scene 5) Shakespeare uses a range of techniques and ideas in this scene to give the audience a grasp of tension and to also make the audience aware of the setting and time of day. This scene shows the conflict between Juliet and her parents after she refuses to get married to Paris. The events in this scene occur in a sequence which seems to be set out as though it is a short story because there appears to be a beginning middle and end. The scene opens with Romeo in Juliet's bedroom and from this we can see that this may lead to trouble as we know Romeo should not be in Juliet's bedroom. The beginning section consists of Romeo and Juliet. Juliet does not want Romeo to leave but Romeo must leave for his own safety. The middle section consists of Juliet, Capulet and Lady Capulet. This section shows the development of the scene where Lady Capulet finds Juliet weeping and instantly thinks she is crying over the death of Tybalt, which leads to her promise of having Romeo poisoned which we can say is dramatic irony since poison is an imperative element in this play. ...read more.


He appears to change because Juliet's refusal to get married means that Paris, a wealthy, high class man will think badly of the Capulet's which means that status is a very important factor in this play. We can see now that Juliet and her father have quite similar characteristics as they both are quite loving and considerate in the beginning of the play but turn out to be quite argumentative in the end which may be the reason that this feud occurs as they are too similar and therefore a conflict due to their alikeness occurs. This feud could also be due to a generation gap where Juliet has different opinions and does not agree with what her father says whereas her father may just be looking out for Juliet just as a normal father would. The nurse changes in a dramatic way. In this scene she defends Juliet in the middle of the scene but at the end of the scene she has suddenly changed and advises Juliet to marry Paris. She states "I think it is best you married with the County". This unforeseen transformation of the nurse's personality may reveal her character to be quite shallow but it also may be a change as she fears that her master Capulet, may see her as an influence. ...read more.


The ending of the scene leaves a feeling of curiosity of what is about to happen. The ending shows how things have changed and in this case they have changed for the worse making the audience think something bad is about to happen. The stage directions in Romeo and Juliet are very brief. The play tells us when Juliet goes aside to communicate directly with the audience which usually gives the audience more knowledge then the characters on stage. Shakespeare also uses stage directions to tell us when a character enters or exits the scene and also uses adverbs to tell us how the characters are moving. This scene is a vital and interesting part of the play as we see the climax being built up. The scene shows the change of personality of the characters and the aggressiveness of Capulet. We begin to see what the characters are really like and this to the audience is very tense and motivating. Overall Shakespeare has made this scene to be an important part in the play and has used a good range of language but I do think that the setting which is meant to be in Verona has not been obvious and therefore may leave a few minds confused or inquisitive about the location of this play. Rupal Ladva ...read more.

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