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Romeo and Juliet - Act 3, Scene 1

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Romeo and Juliet Act 3, Scene 1 Act 3, scene 1 of romeo and juliet is important for many different reasons, most notably the change of writing style used by Shakespeare. The first half of the play is a typical comedy with comical devices used such as the nurse whereas the second half becomes much more of tragedy. This can be seen as at the start of the scene theres quite a laid back atmosphere with Benvolio and Mercutio, two of the audiences favourite characters, but it then ends in the exile of Romeo and death of Mercutio. The scene also helps us to learn more about Romeo as a typical renessaince tragic hero as things start to go wrong for him starting when Mercutio dies after line 99. This shows that things aren't always going to go right for him especially when he decides to go after Tybalt to ...read more.


You learn that Benvolio is quite an intelligent guy that doesn't make rash descsions like Romeo or Mercutio. You can see this in lines 1-4 where Benvolio is begging to retire inside so that him and Mercutio don't clash with the Capulets. Unlike Mercutio who in lines 5-8 he says that Benvolio is a man that can change his mind and get angry for no reason but this is ironic as we know that he is in fact talking about himself. We also learn that Mercutio is one of Shakespeares greatest characters. This is symbolised in the way he dies off stage in the dark. This directly contrasts to when Tybalt dies in the middle of the stage and in the light for everyone to see. Benvolios character is also used to build dramatic effect throughout the scene. ...read more.


The final key theme is the dark and light imagery. This is shown by the majority of the scene being in the light, meaning it is out in the streets for the public to see unlike Romeo and Juliets wedding which is set in the dark, off stage as it is a secret. This scene being in the light therefore means that if either of the familys disturbs the peace the offender will be killed, a key point to the scene which is well thought out by Shakespeare and leads to this scene being very effective to the storyline of the play. Therefore I conclude that the scene has a large amount of dramatic effectiveness with things such as Romeos entry at a key point is also extremly significant to the whole of the play as it shapes the storyline and largely affects the genre. ...read more.

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