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Romeo and Juliet Act 3 scene 5

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There is a lot of drama for the characters as well as the audience when this scene starts because Romeo and Juliet have just spent a passionate night together. Suddenly, Juliet's nurse enters the room and warns them of the arrival of Lady Capulet. The mood gets hotter like the sun is getting brighter and Romeo, the night before, had sent Juliet's cousin Tybalt to an early grave which Romeo thought he deserved. This scene is dangerous because The Capulets do not know that their only daughter is married to their nephew's killer! Also dramatic irony occurs - as we know that Romeo and Juliet are married and we also know that Paris and Juliet are to be married on the Thursday morn. But we do not know that, sadly, this is the happy couple's last time together before they die together in the church on a hard, stone bed. Drama is created by each of the key characters, firstly Romeo, he is desperately in love with Juliet and she with him. Their love is so strong and passionate that they do not care about anything else. At the start of the scene, when the Nurse warns them of Lady Capulet's arrival, Romeo rushes to leave the chamber. ...read more.


Juliet's greatest friend is her Nurse. She knows every detail about Juliet's affair with Romeo and she trusts her completely. If it hadn't been for her Nurse, her love affair with Romeo would have been impossible and could never have lasted. Juliet knows that her Nurse means well when she tries to guide her in the right direction. However, at the end of this scene the Nurse suggests to Juliet that she should marry Paris which upsets Juliet. Lady Capulet is a well spoken woman and has many friends who could help her out in tough times. However, there is one family who she could never ask for help and that is the Montague's. This family is hated by the Capulets and loved by other families. One thing they could never see was Romeo and Juliet falling madly in love and if they ever knew then the hatred would grow. Lady Capulet loves Juliet as her daughter, but she doesn't really act like a Mother to her. When Juliet attempts to tell her mother a problem, she always interrupts her and Juliet just gives up. I don't think Lady Capulet knows how to handle Juliet or even Capulet because when the argument started Lady Capulet seemed to freeze and take neither side because she can't win an argument like this, her views would not be listened to just like Juliet's. ...read more.


She also knows that Paris is due to be husband number two for Juliet. The Nurse has been trusted by The Capulets and by Romeo and Juliet to keep all of their secrets which they do not want the other half to know. I'm surprised the Nurse doesn't explode because of all the tales she must keep to herself! Obviously she is trustworthy but I think Romeo and Juliet's secret is much more confidential, if Capulet and his selfish wife found out about the marriage, Juliet would not have a bed to sleep on and I predict that her and Romeo would break up because part of the fun of being together is the secrecy...but that's just me! Romeo and Juliet is a tragic love story in which two people so perfect for each other end up dead together shortly after their marriage. The story began with so much joy and passion but unfortunately you could already see that their love was doomed and you could imagine how things would end. With the hate burning in the Capulets eyes for the Montague's, Romeo and Juliet found themselves trapped in a world where love was wrong and hate was right and I believe that is what brought them so close together. So I come to the conclusion that only Romeo and only Juliet are fit for loving one another till they next wake again in a world of love, not hate. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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