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Romeo and Juliet Act 3 - scene 5 - In what way is this extract important to the play as a whole?

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Romeo and Juliet Act 3-scene 5 1. In what way is this extract important to the play as a whole? In this scene many things that are turning points in the play happen and certain things are revealed about people, such as the nurse and Capulet. At the beginning of the scene, Romeo leaves for Mantua and Romeo and Juliet say goodbye. This is the last time Romeo and Juliet see each other alive, making this one of the sadder parts of the play. After Romeo leaves Lady Capulet enters to tell Juliet about the proposed marriage. After that, Capulet enters to tell Juliet that she does not have any choice and must marry Paris. This part shows a completely different threatening side of Capulet. After Capulet and Lady Capulet leave the nurse also shows a different side by telling Juliet that she would be better with Paris, causing Juliet to lose her trust in the nurse. 2. What do we know about the characters prior to this scene? Up to this point in the play, the nurse appears to be a good, trustworthy friend to Juliet but towards the end of the scene she shows a completely different side. ...read more.


In this scene we learn a lot about certain characters and little about others. We learn that Capulet has a bad temper when people disagree with him and we learn that the nurse may be quite two-faced. Juliet's first reaction to the proposed marriage is to politely refuse at first but at the same time with force. This leads to her getting desperate and begging, her reasons for not marrying is that she hates Paris and if she marries him she will die. There are not many threats but the last one should be more then persuasive if anyone was to believe that she would. Lady Capulet feels that this marriage is reason for happiness and is very happy herself but then turns angry when Juliet refuses, even saying, " I wish the stupid girl would marry into her grave". Capulet is also happy and very cal until Juliet says no then he also gets incredibly angry and calls her a slut as well as many other insults. The nurse tries to intervene but he refuses to listen to her and insults her too, 4. ...read more.


Juliet would be in her nightgown, which would be white, full length and would have frilly/lacy cuffs, neck and hemline. Her hair would be just left to dangle down and be messy. Lady Capulet would be dressed in something similar to the nurse but in a brown colour. Shots The moment when Lady Capulet tells Juliet about the planned marriage I would have a shot of Juliet in bed with Lady Capulet sat on the edge, then when Lady Capulet says "bride" I would zoom into Juliet's face to get a full shot of her facial expression. When Capulet asks Lady Capulet if she has told Juliet about the marriage I would have Capulets face so that I could see both of their reactions. Then I would zoom out so more of their bodies and the room can be seen. Then I would have the nurse standing up for Juliet and I would make sure that I could see Capulets face so that I could see him get angrier and angrier. Then I would have the nurses and Juliet's face so that when the nurse speaks against Romeo you could see Juliet's reaction and the nurses' sincerity. ...read more.

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