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Romeo and Juliet - Act 3, scene 5 portrays Juliet's reaction to her parents news that she must marry Paris. Imagine that you are the director of this scene. How would you best stage it to show the tension in the relationship between Juliet and her parents

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Act 3, scene 5 portrays Juliet's reaction to her parents news that she must marry Paris. Imagine that you are the director of this scene. How would you best stage it to show the tension in the relationship between Juliet and her parents? In act 3, scene 5 of Romeo and Juliet, the scene is made more realistic by using lighting, sound, scenery costume and acting. This helps to create tension on stage. This tension is important because it will help the audience to understand the scene better. In this scene the tension is particularly important as Juliet's father, Capulet is really angry with her for refusing to marry Paris. Her mother, Lady Capulet comes in Juliet's bedroom but Juliet's wonders why she needs to see her so early, but Lady Capulet is coming to tell her about her marriage to Paris. Lady Capulet would have only been Juliet's age when she got married so she wants her daughter to do the same but doesn't really want to force Juliet into anything she doesn't want to. Lady Capulet thinks Juliet's is crying at the upset of Tybalt dying and doesn't realise that she has just been married to Romeo. ...read more.


to show that she is nervous and worried about what Juliet is going to say about Romeo, and the marriage to Paris. The light becomes brighter when Capulet enters in line 125. This is because he is pleased and content about the marriage and has assumed that Juliet has agreed to it. This adds lots of tension because the audience knows Juliet has not agreed, and is afraid what Capulet will do or say to her when he finds out. Capulet will walk up to Juliet (about the centre of the stage) He will be wearing a costume that makes him look rich and in charge. Also something to emphasise his age and experience. In line 139, you can tell that Lady Capulet doesn't mind what her daughter wants, as she isn't really mad at her when she refuses to marry Paris, and just leaves her husband, Capulet to do all the shouting. As she tells Capulet that Juliet won't marry Paris, she should say it in a calm and quiet voice but still showing some signs of anger and disbelief. As lady Capulet says that line, I want the lighting to suddenly go dark as it will represent anger and fear and will add tension to this part of the scene. ...read more.


The light should be normal daylight but will gradually get darker as she says her line, building up to when Capulet says his line. In lines 196-203, Juliet is pleading her mother to delay the wedding, you can see this in line; 'Delay this wedding for a month, a week; or, if you do not, make the bridal bed in that dim monument where Tybalt lies' But Lady Capulet won't listen to her as she supports Capulet in whatever he wants and does. The spotlight should be on Juliet as she is upset. Juliet should be sitting on the floor in tears and lady Capulet should be standing facing away from Juliet as this will show she is not listening, and has no interest in what she has to say. I effectively used tension in act 3, scene 5 by adding lighting e.g. when it gets darker in line 139. I also used sound, movement and costume to add lots of tension; E.g. I used low background music in line 160 to add more tension and I explained what costumes and make-up all the characters were wearing. Also I explained the types of facial expressions on the characters face, e.g. when Capulet's face went red to show his anger in line 160. ...read more.

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