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Romeo and Juliet - Although the Prologue clearly refers to ' a pair of star-crossed lovers', is the action of the play the result of Fate or Chance - or both perhaps?

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Although the Prologue clearly refers to ' a pair of star-crossed lovers', is the action of the play the result of Fate or Chance - or both perhaps? This particular essay title raises an initial question regardless of the actual play itself. Its all very much dependant on the reader's conception in what fate and chance actually means. My individual perception of fate is that it is an uncontrollable power that dictates in what way our lives are led. However chance is extremely similar I contemplate chance as events or incidents that occur "unpredictably without discernible human intention". The play ends in a fatal tragedy for Romeo and Juliet it shows how the "good and noble" always suffer. But the essential question is why? Positively if the feud between the two families had been resolved then this wouldn't have created a division or barriers between the two lovers. Though, regardless of the feud it could be asked that why couldn't they have confronted their parents and let them be aware of the undying love Romeo and Juliet had for one another? There was no attempt or even thought of taking the honest route. I feel that they were so infatuated with each other in that moment in time. ...read more.


Here Romeo is affected by chance due to the incidental encounter with the servant who seeks someone to read out an invite handed to him due to him being illiterate. Romeo reads out the invite and out of appreciation the servant invites him to the party. From this point on fate had laid down death for both Romeo and Juliet, if the servant and Romeo never came across each other this wouldn't have given Romeo and his acquaintances the chance to go to the party furthermore meet Juliet. If Juliet's father hadn't allowed Paris the hand in marriage to Juliet the party would not have been held so not only would the lovers not had met but the grudge with Tybalt would not have been created. Chance occurs again when Romeo leaves his party of friends and wonders through the orchard and by chance Juliet is out on the balcony an extremely important and coincidental moment. This situation was out of either control that draws them closer to a forbidden relationship. Here is where they confess their love for each other and decide to be married the next day. When Tybalt and Romeo cross each other paths at the party Tybalt says, "This by his voice, should be a Montague". ...read more.


The plan was destined for disaster. "A greater power than we can contradict hath thwarted our intents." When Romeo had received the news that Juliet was "dead" he makes his way back to the city of Verona where he is forbidden to see Juliet. Chance again has its way of bringing two enemies together, timing plays a massive role in the play. Romeo enters the vault to see Juliet dead and in desperation he drinks the potion and takes his own life, as Romeo lays dead beside Juliet she then wakes and kills herself. Fate ruled their lives since the moment they had met. Though they had many chances to solve the problem such as confronting their families and not making such hasty decisions. If they thought things through maybe they would not have jumped into matrimony, as matrimony is lifetime devotion not just a teenage phase. Both the families stereotyped each other by the person's last name when they hadn't even met each other. Fate brought their lives from an all time high to an all time low, nevertheless when fate has caught up with you it does not mean you should sit back and take the ride. Romeo and Juliet had chances and could make different choices to choose a different ending. Yet the choices they made were the wrong ones and fate encouraged them. ...read more.

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