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Romeo and Juliet- An analysis of the dramatic contributions of one or more characters as a whole.

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Romeo and Juliet- An analysis of the dramatic contributions of one or more characters as a whole. Quarrelling and insults have lead to two deaths, two deaths of the main characters, Tybalt and Mercutio. Arguments are very common but why has it lead to death? This is due to the dramatic element which runs very high in the play Romeo and Juliet. The death of Tybalt is a very significant part of the play as this action leads to Romeos exile. Everything is taken to extremes. Whilst Mercutio and Tybalt were having their feud, Mercutio was having a bit of a joke not really thinking it would end in two killings. I suppose this could be seen as na�ve and Mercutio was a bit of a fool. He knows he has stirred things up as he is looking for a fight but is neither a Capulet or a Montague so he shouldn't even be in the feud. Mercutio is never taken seriously, even in his dying minutes he is not taken seriously so his death is also dramatic. Also the fact he is dying is for Romeos honour but doesn't know Romeo has betrayed and married a Capulet. So dies for Romeo. In a manner you feel sympathy for Mercutio, as his life has been given defending Romeo when Romeo has been deceiving Mercutio, not telling the truth. ...read more.


These are all the questions which Romeo and Juliet leave you thinking. Romeo and Juliet first meet at the ball and instantly have chemistry going on between them. Romeo and his friends gatecrash the Capulet party wearing masks as a disguise. Tybalt recognises Romeo and goes to inform Capulet of their unwelcome guests but to Tybalts surprise Capulet is unconcerned. Tybalt is to the point of fury and shows his fighting side which later leads to the killing of Mercutio. This night Romeo sees Juliet and straight away is drawn to her and falls in love. 'What lady's that which doth enrich the hand of yonder night?' Romeo asks a servant immediately on the sight of Juliet. He gets her attention and Juliet is quite taken in by Romeo and his eloquent language. 'It is the east, and Juliet is the sun. Arise, fair sun, and kill the envious moon, Who art more fair than she... It is my lady..... Oh, it is my Love!' This also brings up the controversial element of whether Romeo is in love or is it just love? Could it just be the excitement of it being a secret and the sneaking around? I think Romeo is really infatuated by Juliet but whether he loves her is a mystery. The situation is magic, the sentiments, the language used, the purity and the power of promise id just perfect. ...read more.


Romeo proves his love for romance as he takes his own life for love and heartache. He lives for the day and is quite unpredictable. Mercutio and Tybalt really don't have the time for romance and just seem to look for trouble. Benvolio is Romeo's best friend and doesn't like arguing. They are quite the opposite but all of them like the rivalry. Romeo feels like he is in an awkward position as he is a Montague but has married a Capulet. He never thought that he would do this, but the dramatic contribution; love his driven him to this. He can not control his love for Juliet and obviously does not want to. The only reason he met Juliet was by crashing the Capulets party, out of hate and spite. That hate and spite turned out to be love and romance, in the form of Juliet. The two deaths would eventually bring both families together; Romeo and Juliet were symbols of peace and love. They both gave their own lives for one another and both families would see this. 'Oh brother Montague, give me thy hand. This is my daughter's jointure, for no more can I demand.' Love and hate are the main emotions running throughout the play, love for Romeo and Juliet and hate of both families. Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy and all the dramatic elements make it what it is. It is still a classic love story today. The secrecy, love, conventions, excitement, hate, fighting and trust all contribute to the dramatic elements. ...read more.

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