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Romeo And Juliet Analysis Paper

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Romeo and Juliet Analysis Paper Romeo and Juliet share a deep connection that is undeniable. Their love for each other is boundless, looking at one another as almost flawless. Their characters seem to fix in one another like a puzzle, sharing ideal qualities. Yet the contrast between these "star crossed lovers" attitudes are shown in their distinct attributes. Even though Romeo and Juliet share similar qualities, Juliet shows that her character is more mature and practical opposed to Romeo whose character is impractical and unreasonable. Romeo and Juliet share common characteristics that are reflected through their actions. They share many qualities that ignite the fire of their love. Each makes rash decisions in situations that seem to lurch onto them arbitrarily. This is shown when both of the young lovers stumble into an undying, passionate love at first sight. They both make a rash decision to jump into a relationship, not even with a need to question their destine love. ...read more.


Juliet interrupts him, saying, "O, swear not by the moon, th' inconstant moon, That monthly changes in her circled orb, Lest that thy love prove likewise variable." (2.2.111). Juliet shows that she is aware that their relationship is moving at a very fast pace and she believes that they should settle down to let their relationship rest. She believes their love should blossom into a "beauteous flower" (2.2.115). Juliet also shows that she can be more intelligent than Romeo because she actually attempts to listen to those around her. She knows that she might not be able to ever see Romeo again in her life, but she listens to Friar Lawrence and his plan to secretly meeting up with Romeo in the future. She doesn't make a brainless decision to kill herself because of her doubt of ever seeing her lover again. This is unlike Romeo who selfishly threatens to kill himself since he has doubt of ever seeing Juliet again. ...read more.


Hast thou slain Tybalt? Wilt thou slay thyself?....A pack of blessing is upon thy back..." (3.3.115). Friar Lawrence identifies that Romeo is mistakenly na�ve to the fact that he had a good chance of being sentenced to death after killing Tybalt, and that Romeo should seize his opportunity of his situation and take advantage of his circumstances. All of these things confirm that Romeo in comparison to Juliet is, in essence, more selfish, juvenile, irrational, and illogical. He as a character does not realize his actions in the long run. Romeo and Juliet together share similar qualities that are shown through their behavior towards one another. The passion they share with one another is infinite and they have a unique love that is truly outshines the hostility thrown between their two different families. Even with this passion, Romeo and Juliet contrast each other in different ways. Juliet shows that her character in retrospect is more mature and practical opposed to Romeo whose character is impractical and unreasonable. Even with their undeniable paralleled attraction, they also share distinct attributes that make these characters exceptionally unique. ...read more.

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