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Romeo and Juliet are first perceived as two star-crossed lovers. The idea in which my essay will be exploring is the fact the fact that is the love of these two pure or just based on physical attraction.

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'Romeo does not love Juliet' Romeo and Juliet are first perceived as two star-crossed lovers. The idea in which my essay will be exploring is the fact the fact that is the love of these two pure or just based on physical attraction. When we first meet Romeo he appears to be in love with Rosaline. At this point, he cannot even force himself to go the ball. He says that she does not compare to any other woman. This is stated in the line, 'Show me a mistress that is passing fair.' He says that all women are beautiful, but nothing compared to Rosaline. This suggests the Romeo adores Rosaline and there is no way he can love anyone else. Also, the use of repetition of "beauty" conveys that Romeo may even be obsessed with Rosalines physical appearance and not in love. The rhetorical question, 'Where I may read who'd he passing fair?' further suggests annoyance that Benvolio is questioning his love. Additionally Montague is not happy with Romeo's behaviour, as he is locking himself in his room and constantly weeping. He is infatuated in my view, which suggests abnormal behaviour. This is stated in the line, 'Shut up his windows, locks far daylight out.' This shows that Romeo is shutting out daylight and that his feelings must be so strong for Rosaline that he is isolating himself in darkness, which has connotations of despair. Montague is afraid that Romeo won't come out from his room and this is evident in the line, 'Black and portentous must this humour prove.' ...read more.


This is shown in the line, 'More fierce and more inexorable far, than empty tigers or the roaring sea.' The metaphor here as well as the use of repetition of "more" is emphatic which creates enhances the impression that Romeo is very unpredictable. On Romeo's first contemplation of Juliet he appears to be in love with her at first sight. This piece of dialogue is written in the structure of a sonnet which has the rhythm of a heartbeat as created by the iambic parameter. This enhances the fact that they are in love as sonnets are traditionally used in poems and the fact that the hearts are beating in unison. A number of religious phrases are used as well which suggests that there love is spiritual. The religious words used include 'Pilgrim' and 'Devotion' and these create the sense that this love is pure, which was ordained by God. The actual sonnet begins with the sentence being spread out between the characters as the words begin to get closer it appears that Romeo and Juliet also physically get closer, leading up to a Romantic kiss which occurs in the line, 'Saints do not move, through for prayers' sake. Then move not while my prayer's effect I take.' This is were the lines appear to be closest at the end of the sonnet leading up to the romantic kiss which creates a sense of climax. Additionally Romeo refers to Juliet as a 'Saint' or a 'Holy Shrine.' ...read more.


'Tyrannous' and 'Rough' suggest that the love is over controlling and dictatorial emphasising the he wields over human lives. When it states that cupid's 'View is muffled' it emphasises that no one can control him or who he may choose to join hearts and because he is blind the control of who he may choose to fall in love. Additionally Romeo's view of love is that it is an illness to which there is no cure as it rakes control of your emotions. The metaphors Romeo uses to personify love is that it is 'Smoke'. This emphasises that he sees love as poisonous fog, which is blinding so you do not control who you fall in love with. He also depicts it is 'Fire' which implies passion and obsession. The 'Fire' emphasises the volatility of the emotion and its danger. 'A choking gall' is another metaphor used by Romeo to portray love. This implies it is a sickness and a kind of cancer. There is nothing Romeo can do to prevent it because it is all consuming and beyond control. From this I can see that the relationship is seen as a cancer seen to be incurable. From studying and writing this essay I can say that I think Romeo is in complete adoration of Juliet. Whilst I realised Romeo was fickle because of his "love" for Rosaline I then saw that fate played apart in his love for Juliet. Although Romeo is seen to be very volatile and unthinking I still think his love for Juliet is pure because he sacrifices himself for her showing anything will be done to win his loved one. ...read more.

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