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Romeo and Juliet Assignment

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Year 11 Romeo and Juliet Assignment Romeo & Juliet was written during a period when Shakespeare had found the strength of his writing. He would have been about 26 years old when he wrote it. It stands as a great play in its own right. It is believed that it was written around 1595. The Nurse in the play refers to "an earthquake eleven years past (Act II, scene 3, line 23). London experienced a strong tremor around 1580. In the first performance male actors played female parts. In those days it was improper for women to act. New versions of the play have been created since then, however, for example Baz Luhrmann's modern film directed in 1996. This adaptation is overdramatic, passionate and wild. The play has always been in relation to young people and the madness of being young. The play uses a chorus to introduce the scene. In Baz Luhrmann's film a T.V announcer plays this part. ...read more.


It is surreal and overemotional. In the scene two pop songs are featured, 'Young Hearts Run Free' by Candy Staton and another more dramatic song called 'Missing You'. Bright colours are used in the film. Baz Luhrmann decided to make the two main characters stand out from the crowd by dressing Romeo in silver and Juliet in white to make her look dovelike. The sound used is jumbled and fuzzy which suits the party scene perfectly. It is fast, frantic and unusual. There are many characterisations in the scene. Juliet is portrayed as a dove, Romeo as knight in shining armour and Lord Capulet as a drunk and urbane Caesar. The scene presented a small number of challenges to the director and the actors. Baz Luhrmann needed the audience to focus carefully on just a few characters in a grand hall full of people. He achieved this by using costumes that made Romeo and Juliet noticeable and by using close up camera shots. ...read more.


This made it slightly more appealing and thrilling as in the original nothing like his happened. In the scene some of the language is noticeable. There is a lot mentioned regarding saints and pilgrims. When Romeo and Juliet are flirting Romeo says, "My lips two blushing pilgrims ready stand" and "For saints have hands that pilgrims hands do touch." Juliet says, "Good pilgrim, you do wrong your hand too much." In the scene there is a significant amount of shouting at the start accompanied by fast, upbeat music and twirling camera angles. Just as Romeo is fainting a slow motion effect is used. As soon as Romeo and Juliet meet close camera shots are used and slower romantic music is played. If I were to make modifications to the film I would make Romeo and Juliet younger. Romeo would be about 15 and Juliet 13. I would do this to ensure more humour could be injected into the story, with Romeo and Juliet being wilder and more rebellious. I feel in Baz Luhrmanns version Juliet especially was calm and played a more uninteresting part than she did in the original. James Noton 11G ...read more.

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