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Romeo and Juliet At the end of the play many of the young people are dead. To what extent is this the fault of the older generation?

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At the end of the play many of the young people are dead. To what extent is this the fault of the older generation? Verona has an unstable, tense environment, where the citizens are always on edge, wondering when the next conflict between the two families might be. The Montagues and the Capulets have been at war for so long no one can remember why, It's just the way things are and the younger generation have to accept this and are brought up to hate the other family and now they are starting to fight in their own conflict with the other family's younger generation. At the time the play is set, the older generation were dominant over the younger relatives and the younger family members were forced to oblige. Marriage is seen as a contract to increase family's assets, rather than a unity of two lovers. Parents would not let their child have any say in the decision and the parents would choose their new son/daughter in law by how much influence they would bring to their family name. For example Capulet is considering having an arranged marriage for Juliet with County Paris. ...read more.


County Paris is a very well respected nobleman who is desperate for Juliet's hand in marriage. Paris' death comes about after Romeo enters the Capulet crypt hoping to lay with his beloved Juliet forever but he finds County Paris guarding the crypt and the two men ended up fighting each other which resulted in Romeo stabbing Paris, an injury which proved fatal. I think the blame for Paris' death is split many ways. Firstly I think Old Capulet is to blame for forcing the marriage and therefore driving Juliet to do something as drastic as fake her own death to escape this situation. Secondly I think Romeo has to accept a portion of the blame for once again being unable to control his anger. However I think the main overall contributor to Paris' death was his love for Juliet. When he was found guarding the crypt I think it became known that his desire to be married to Juliet was not for business purposes but that he was genuinely in love with her. Romeo is the son of Lord Montague and since meeting Juliet has not been able to get her out of his mind, they have also been united in a secret marriage. ...read more.


Juliet to marry Paris and telling her she needs a man so she would not be so sad, and the whole time she has her marriage with Romeo of which everyone else is clueless about. Or maybe just through audience interpretation of the script. However, in my opinion, I believe that from the evidence I have collected, the older generation is mostly to blame for the variety of deaths at the end of this tragedy. I believe this because, as the Capulet/Montague feud was started by the older generation, it is the main cause of all the fighting, and therefore a major cause of the deaths. The fact that most of the young deaths are seen to be caused by older generations, gives the play a more tragic feel, also contributing to the overall effect that comes from this play. Also I believe neglect on behalf of the parents was a large factor because it made their relationship with their children weak and frail and therefore the children had to rely on the "foster parents", the Nurse and Friar Lawrence for advice when maybe if their relationship was closer, it might have been more reliable to ask their parents. ?? ?? ?? ?? Matt Molyneux 10S1 ...read more.

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