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Romeo and Juliet Balcony scene (act 2 scene 2)

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Stage Directions Romeo and Juliet Balcony scene (act 2 scene 2) Romeo Romeo appears beneath Juliet's Balcony, he needs to act cautiously because he is in his arch-rivals (Capulets) territory. As he opens his dialogue to Juliet he should speak quietly but with meaningful affection towards her. "But soft, what light through the yonder window breaks?" As he continues to describe Juliet and her features he becomes entranced in her beauty and her inner beauty, Romeo's speech praises Juliet as he describes her in relation to the light of the sun and the other stars. "The brightness of her cheek would shame those stars" Romeo is intoxicated with his passion for Juliet which must be shown by the way he speaks and looks at her whilst they are on stage. ...read more.


When she realises that Romeo is in the garden she should act as though she is worried that he risks death if he was to be discovered. "And the place of death, considering who thou art, if any of my kinsmen find the here." Juliet is feeling afraid of being quickly won so she acts nervously and doesn't show her true affection. Juliet comes and goes twice from the balcony this conveys the excitement she is feeling, the character should show this in movement and speech. This leads to the emotional line. Which should be said with deep character. "parting is such sweet sorrow" Juliet is a young pretty, affectionate girl who is very self minded. ...read more.


He may seem like he is always joking but he is very close to Romeo and does care for Romeo and vice-versa. Tybalt Tybalt acts in an aggressive manner in response to Mercutio's comic act, obviously Tybalt should be acting extremely annoyed towards Mercutio. He should not be in an aggressive mood when he enters the scene but then bathos takes place. "Boy, this shall not excuse the injuries that thou has done me, therefore turn and draw." Tybalt in a provoking way towards Romeo starts arguing, and Mercutio stands up for Romeo and then the fight takes place. Romeo should act as though he is trying to stop the fight because he doesn't want Mercutio to get hurt. Tybalt is very strong and ignorant person who dislikes most people and also has an evil smile. Even when he said that he hates the word "peace" you can sense the evil in his evil words. ...read more.

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