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Romeo and Juliet - Blame for the deaths.

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There are many people to blame for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet: people who are close to them but, there are also other things which we can blame, other than people which I shall talk about later on. The people to blame are people like the family and lady Capulet, Juliet's mother. She can be blamed for not having a good relationship with her daughter: "Marry, that 'marry is the very then I come to talk of, tell me, daughter Juliet, how stands your disposition to be married?" and also: "Well, think of marriage now, younger than you here in Verona, ladies of esteem are made already mothers ... his love" This shows that lady Capulet did not pay much attention to her 'beloved' daughter and if she had, I don't think she (Juliet) ...read more.


Here we have two people to blame: one is obviously the friar, it's his entire fault because he couldn't get the message to Romeo and that is the reason why both Romeo and Juliet ended their lives, one with a potion and the other with a dagger. The only other person/character is Capulet himself: "How now, how now? ... but fetter you five joints against Thursday next to go with Paris to saint Peters church ... you tallow face!" And he goes on to say: "Hang thee young baggage! ... Or never after look me in the face. Speak not, people not do not answer me, my fingers itch: Here he forced her into getting married to Paris and because of this she was going to 'slay' herself: "Tell me not ... ...read more.


The two loved each other so much they could not bear separation, this brings me onto my next point 'love' is it possible to blame love for the deaths of two young humans? How? These are some of the questions we ask ourselves when someone says it is because of 'love'. Well let me tell you this: the answer is yes. If you love some thing or some one so much this could lead to death. When Romeo was banished his love to Juliet was the reason he came back to her. We have on power over the stars they bring fait to our lives. Fait is a lethal killer, you never now when, were and how something is going to happen. Fait can also have been the reason of the deaths of Romeo and Juliet. They were star crossed lovers. Fait holds so much of our lives and we don't even now it. ...read more.

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