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Romeo and Juliet. By the end of Act 3 Scene 5, the audience find that Juliet is completely isolated and only then becomes desperate

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Romeo and Juliet. By the end of Act 3 Scene 5, the audience find that Juliet is completely isolated and only then becomes desperate enough to consider suicide. The contents of this essay will include a discussion of the violent changes of emotion that Juliet undergoes and how she interacts and communicates with all the different characters and their personalities. An analysis of the other characters and their response to her will take place as will how the characters use of language shows their feelings and what this shows about them will also be explored. Also, I will discuss how Juliet changes in her mental emotional state as well as her physical emotional state by the end of the scene. I will compare it to how she exists at the beginning of this scene and how she has changed by the end of the scene. This play is one of great tragedy; about two families with an ancient grudge and the offspring of these two families fall deeply in love and hence become star-crossed lovers. Although it is a play is one about love, there are many scenes which contain violence and conflict. The play opens with a verbal battle/ brawl/ fight and ends with a condemnation of the two families. The violence in the play occurs because of an ancient grudge between these two families, which leads to the tragic deaths of Romeo and Juliet. Just before the scene I have chosen to analyse, the Count Paris had been to see Lord and Lady Capulet to ask if he could have Juliet's hand in marriage and Lord Capulet had now agreed to have Juliet marry Paris. ...read more.


Juliet may deceive her mother but her mother deceives Juliet by saying to Juliet-line 140-"I would the fool were married to her grave". This is proving that Lady Capulet is very cold because she is saying to Juliet that if she will not listen to her parents, she can go away and die and this shows that she is quite cold and bitter towards her daughter. Throughout this scene, the audience tries to put themselves in Juliet's shoes and the predicament she has been left in and the audience begins to empathise with her and she probably would feel like she is growing further and further away from her mother which she deep down doesn't want to. The audience learns specific things about Lady Capulet in Act 3 Scene 5 because she hasn't raised her daughter, the nurse has; Juliet treats the Nurse like her mother. We get the impression that there is an age gap between Lord and Lady Capulet and that is having an impression on their relationship to the extent that it is almost like he owns her and she has been pushed around by him because he is "the man of the house" and what he says goes. Lord and Lady Capulet have an odd marriage and as the play moves on, the audience soon begin to recognise and get the impression that they don't have much of a relationship because she may have had an arranged marriage with Lord Capulet and in the film, this sometimes shows in her posture and physical state and Shakespeare's uses of stage directions help to suggest this. Capulet comes across as being a very proud and strong man and doesn't like the word 'no' when it is said to him. ...read more.


he is constantly very nice and caring for her best interests at heart but when Juliet decides to stand up for herself, he is angry and violent with not only her but in this scene he can be violent towards Lady Capulet and ever so slightly to the nurse. At the point when Juliet has been isolated by her parents, she turns to her Nurse thinking that her Nurse will be there for her and look after her because she knows that she is married to Romeo and it was the Nurse that helped her arrange their marriage to each but the Nurse's response is not what Juliet had hoped it would be. Juliet pleas with the Nurse to comfort her but the Nurse's response is to marry Paris-"Romeo is banishes, and the entire world to nothing......I think it best you married with the County. O, he's a lovely gentleman!" The Nurse has just told Juliet that she and Romeo will probably never come back so she should marry Paris-a rich, handsome young man. When the Nurse has said her opinion, Juliet cannot believe how hypocritical the Nurse is being about the marriage to Paris. When Juliet realises she is totally isolated from absolutely everyone, this is where she feels can only turn to Friar Laurence and she is so desperate at this point that she does. My conclusion of this essay is that in this scene Juliet undergoes severe and violent changes of emotion in this scene and expresses these different changes all in completely different ways. By the end of the scene, I think Juliet has changed completely into a very different character and Shakespeare explores this characters development as the drama of the play unfolds. Hannah Broughton. ...read more.

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