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Romeo and Juliet By William Shakespeare

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Romeo and Juliet By William Shakespeare The Montague's that's Romeos family and the Capulet`s that's Juliet's family are at war, but it does not stop them from loving each other. The war is taking place in Italy. Prince Escalus who rules Verona said if they don't stop fighting one of them is going to have to pay with there life's. Juliet is a normal average little girl aged 13 who would do any thing her mother wishes, she had fell in love with one of her worst enemies the Montague's. Juliet would be the ideal person for Paris to marry; he has plenty of money, and is very kind. Juliet is has a trapped life; she acts like she is a slave to herself. The nurse of Juliet teaches her every thing she knows, she even knows the exact time she was born, the first time she walk e.t.c. She thinks that the relationship is going to fast and will end to soon. ...read more.


Romeo had gone and spread the good news to Mercutio. Tybalt splashed some water at Mercutio that got him really angry. They started to have fight, one on one, sword to sword. Romeo tried to stop them but Tybalts sword had stabbed Mercutio under Romeos arm. Tybalt ran of with Romeo chasing him for revenge. He had killed is best friend. Romeo wanted to finish this to claim his revenge, after a long hard fight Romeo got the final blow in killing Tybalt who fell to the floor dying. Romeo was captured; Prince Escalus questioned him about Tybalts death. Romeo sneakily ran away from all the people that hated him for killing Tybalt. One point about the differences between the films. In the old film the dual was with swords but in the new film the fight was with guns. Both the guns had only just one bullet in them. Romeo had to get away because he had been sentenced to death. ...read more.


Romeo had to get revenge on tybalt for killing Mercutio. When he had found out that Juliet his wife had died he went to see her and killed himself by poison. Romeo was always fighting with the Capulet`s and even married one of his enemies. He used to fight with guns and swords in the new and old film of Romeo and Juliet. Tybalt Tybalt was Juliet's cousin and was a Capulet too. Tybalt was a cheeky person who always fought he was the best of every thing. Tybalt was the person that killed Mercutio in the dual. In the new film tybalt killed Mercutio with a piece of glass that he had fell on. In the old film he killed Mercutio with his sword it had slipped under Romeos arm. Tybalt got his house cursed on by Mercutio for fighting. Nurse The nurse was probably the only one that new Juliet really well. The nurse new Juliet better than her mother. The nurse really like Romeo and wanted Juliet to marry him. But when Juliet was supposed to marry Paris, the nurse said you are better off marring Paris. ...read more.

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