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romeo and juliet chiptu

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Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet Romeo and Juliet were two kids that fell in love at first sight. Two families that were enemies from the start of time were soon going to be united because of two teenagers. Family feuds will drive these two kids to do something no one could imagine. Romeo and Juliet were two teenagers in love that never truly could be together because of there last names. In Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet Miscommunication, impulsivity, and resistance to change cause bad consequences. In this tragedy play miscommunication tears these two people apart because they have to hide there marriage. (IV, II, 25/26) "send for the country. Go tell him of this I'll have this knot nit up by tomorrow morning." ...read more.


When Romeo killed Tibble he didn't think about the consequence he would suffer from it. Causeing him and Juliet to be driven apart. (III, I, 136) " Either tho, or I or both must go with him" Romeo tells tibble that one of them must die with Mectio. Juliet loves Romeo so she sends the nurse to go see if he wants to marry her. ( II, II,137/138) " If thy bent of love be honorable, thy purpose marriage, send me word tomorrow." It was very impulsive to marry each other after knowing each other for 24 hours. They are actually complete strangers. When Romeo kills himself she kills herself with out thinking about the life she can have with out him. ...read more.


( V, II, 34) " Poor living corse, closed in a dead mans tomb. Everyone sees that Pairs, Romeo, and Juliet are all dead. And there all stunned. People cant stay mad at each other for ever you have to make up so that nothing worse can happen in the future. Romeo And Juliet never truly got to be together because there families would disapprove and the would have to keep it a secret. These families basically made there kids kill themselves because they could not be together on earth with out some sort of rejection or disapproval. If two teenagers are in love, you should let them be together and not get in there way, they are old enough to know what's right for them, and what's wrong for them. Things should be left as they are and unharmed or all hell can break loose like in the Tragedy Romeo and Juliet. ...read more.

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