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Romeo and Juliet- commentary on act 3 scene 5

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Romeo and Juliet- commentary on act 3 scene 5 Romeo and Juliet is set in Verona, which is the battleground for a hostile feud between two families, the Montague's and the Capulets. The two families brawl constantly in the streets; the reason for the quarrel is never actually made very clear. In response to the constant fighting the prince of Verona issues an addict imposing the death penalty on anyone caught "duelling". Romeo, a young man of the house of Montague, has been infatuated with Rosaline, a niece of Capulet. He and his friends sneak into a masked ball at Capulet's house so that Romeo can see her. During the ball, Romeo catches sight of Juliet and quickly forgets about Rosaline. That same night Romeo creeps under Juliet's bedroom window and professes his love for her. Juliet, who is standing on the balcony above him, overhears his sighs of love. She confesses she returns his feelings. With the aid of Friar Lawrence, Romeo makes plans with Juliet for them to be married in secret.


Friar Lawrence discovers that Romeo never received the letter, and in horror rushes to Juliet's tomb. Too late. At Juliet's tomb, Romeo encounters Paris who is mourning for his Juliet. In grief for the loss of Juliet, the two men fight and Romeo kills Paris. Entering the tomb, Romeo discovers the "dead" Juliet and, swallowing the poison commits suicide at her side. Friar Lawrence arrives at the scene just as Juliet wakes up. She discovers the body of her beloved Romeo beside and, taking Romeo's dagger, stabs in the heart. The prince and the parents arrive, and Friar Lawrence explains what has happened. Faced with the awful price their feud has cost them, the Montague's and the Capulet's swear to end the long bitterness between the two families. Many issues of social class, status and expectations are raised In the play, throughout the play many issues are conveyed subtly through the action and conversations. The issues are, however there to be interpreted, and that is what I will do for Act three Scene 5.


"Be gone, away!" Juliet exclaims at Romeo who is lingering, still, after the night before. Juliet is insistent on Romeo departing, or at least that is what she would like us, and herself to believe. It gradually becomes clear that she is just as torn at the fact of whether Romeo should leave or stay. She is also torn between her emotions, and her overwhelming love for Romeo, and the expectations held by her parents. She demonstrates this by insisting on hi leaving when it is obviously against her will for him to do so. "for in a minute there are many days" Juliet says as she realises that Romeo really must go. This means that when Romeo is gone every minute away seems like days away from him she loves him so much. She then starts struggling to find reason for him to go. Some class this as a tragedy, I beg to differ. They ended with each other, and whatever the circumstances, this is what they wanted to do. By Nathan Jervis

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