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Romeo and Juliet-Compare-Act one scene 5 and Act two scene 2

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Compare and contrast Act One Scene Five and Act Two Scene Two in Romeo and Juliet. Look closely at setting, style and characterization. You should also consider the difference between an Elizabethan and Modern audience's interpretation of the scenes In Act 1 Scene 5 it is the Capulet's ball and Romeo who is from the house of Montague enters. It is on this festive night that Romeo first catches sight of Juliet and falls in love with her beauty. Tybalt a Capulet (Juliet's cousin), realizes that Romeo is a Montague and becomes very angry at this intrusion. Romeo flirts with Juliet and they kiss. Both Romeo and Juliet start to like each other but find out whom each other are, they find out they are from opposite families who are enemies. In Act 2 Scene 2 Romeo visits the Capulet house in secret to see Juliet again. He finds her on the balcony talking to herself. She is unaware that he is standing there watching her talk about her love for him and she even starts to talk about all the problems that loving him causes because of the two families conflicts. ...read more.


This quote shows how Juliet uses religious imagery back to Romeo; this is a sense of premonition when Romeo realizes that Juliet is a Capulet in scene 5. Also, there is a contrast of love and hate at the end of scene 5. As well as this, there is irony in the feud that she does die tragically. This is all shown at the end of act 1 scene 5. These two scenes both consist of Romeo and Juliet showing and expressing their feelings for one another. But both these scenes are also very different because act 1 scene 5 is in more of a public place because it is at the ball whereas act 2 scene 2 is in a more secretive place, where Juliet is on her balcony and Romeo is in the Capulet's garden looking up at her this makes it more romantic and passionate for them. Their feelings start to become more intense whilst they are alone together. ...read more.


The use of light imagery is also used when Romeo is talking about Juliet and how she is better then the sun, he flatters her at every giving opportunity which shows audiences what kind of loving caring person he is. Traditionally light is considered to be "good" because it allows us to perceive the world around us and to work within it; in contrast to the dark is considered to be "evil" which is the complete opposite to light. But in Romeo and Juliet the light and dark imagery roles are reversed as in a way daytime becomes evil and nighttime becomes good as it aids Romeo and Juliet. In Act 2 Scene 2 Romeo refers to Juliet as being better then both the sun and the moon. Romeo, seeing Juliet at her window, compares her to the sun and light that brightens his dark world. He had previously compared Rosaline to the moon. His love for Juliet has risen and killed the feelings he had for Rosaline. ...read more.

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