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romeo and juliet coursework

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In this essay I have examined the six types of love throughout Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare; the types of love are love at first sight, unrequited love, and ideal love. Parental love, religious love and friendship love. In each paragraph I will explain the historical context and the important things about the certain love throughout the play. These types of love are shown in the play by these characters Romeo, Juliet, Rosaline, Paris, friar Lawrence, the nurse, lord and lady Montague, lord and lady Capulet and Mercutio. The first type of love I have identified is love at first sight, love at first sight is shown by Romeo and Juliet as when they first meet at the Capulet's party they both deeply fell in love and couldn't have one another .This is portrayed by Romeo and Juliet because Romeo confess his love to Juliet '' If I profane with my unworthiness hand this holy shrine, the gentle sin is this, my lips two blushing pilgrims' ready stab to smooth that rough touch with a tender kiss.'' They talk to one another in a sonnet from this is a suitable format because a sonnet is a form of love poetry. the religious imagery used was that they use words like pilgrim, sin, saint , faith, holy palms, pray and prayers this shows that during the time of Romeo and Juliet that there was a lot of belief in religions and people were commit to there religion. ...read more.


to feed and clothe her this showed that the Capulet family were not poor at all actually they were rich , the historical context to wet nurses was it was a disgrace in them time to breast feed and look after you're own child so they hired wet nurses to help them out and do all there jobs with the children this showed that the family had money. It way wrong in those days to say no to your parents during this play Juliet express's her unhappiness due to the fact her father says she has to marry Paris but unfortunately she can't because she was already married to Romeo, after she told her father no here is the quote of what lord Capulet said to her ''speak not, reply not, do not answer me, my fingers itch''. This tells us that he does not want anything to do with her and wants her out of his site and because his fingers itch he wants to hit her. But at the start off the play he shows concern for Juliet and Paris ''But woo her gentle Paris, get her heart, my will to her consent is but a part ''. This soft rhyme smooth's the situation showing lord Capulet's calm side. In this paragraph I am going to review religious love throughout the play of Romeo and Juliet, in the play religious love is shown by Friar Lawrence. ...read more.


that some of the examples of love are shown today but not all of them, I think that love at first sight is still used nowadays but isn't as common as it was during the time of Shakespeare's life. In addition to this parental and unrequited love is still quite common in this century because most parents really love there children and want to see them marry the right person not someone who treats them wrong, unrequited love because not every person who loves someone loves them back and it is most common that it's a ''love hate relationship''. On the other hand friendship, ideal and religious aren't as common as they were in those days because no many people go to church to have religious love of the own vicar because not many people go to church. Ideal love isn't as common but is found sometimes because not many parents try to push there children into marrying into rich or high class men or women because it doesn't matter to them as much as it did then. Finally friendship love is still used sometimes but not as often as it was back those days it is not used as often today because people tend to make new friends all the time so they end up losing some as well so therefore they are always making new ones so they don't often have friends who would risk there life's for them as they did do in the Shakespearean times. ...read more.

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