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Romeo and Juliet Duologues (Act 3, Scene 5)

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Act 3 Scene 5 Many significant things happen in this scene that effect the play later on. This scene is all about Juliet and her relationships and feelings towards four different people in her life. She has four duologues in total, all adding a little more insight into how the play is mapped out. The duologues are with Romeo, Lady Capulet, Lord Capulet and Juliet's Nurse. At first she talks with Romeo. They express their feelings very clearly and Shakespeare helps build up the love and tension for the rest of the play. Secondly she talks to Lady Capulet, her mother. Although Lady Capulet is Juliet's biological mother they do not share a mother daughter bond. This duologue also helps bring insight into Juliet's true feelings. The third duologue is with Lord Capulet. He starts off by supporting her, but after she tells him she isn't going to do as he wishes, he turns into a violent, un-fatherly man. The fourth and final duologue is with the nurse, who had known Juliet since birth. She ends up giving Juliet some un appreciated advice. Each duologue adds some prophesy, fate and a little more tension. ...read more.


'Madam, I am not well.' Lady Capulet is telling Juliet to get over her cousins death as Lady Capulet thinks this is why Juliet is upset. 'some grief shows much of love; But much of grief shows still some want of wit.' however this isn't the reason. The reason for her being upset is that it was Romeo that killed her cousin. Lady Capulet is not understanding at all. She has not brought Juliet up and doesn't know how to comfort her, it was the Nurse that has brought her up. As Lady Capulet uncovers a possible ending to Romeo and Juliet, they play, the audience can sense the true feelings of Juliet. She does not want another man apart from Romeo. Paris' proposal has been accepted by Lord and Lady Capulet, as they believe Paris to be a good match for their only Daughter, However Juliet has other thoughts. She is in love with Romeo, and no other man can even begin to compare. From this part in the duologue the audience can pick out the fact it will be Romeo and Juliet to end this, together. No matter what hardship comes to them, they will be together until their time is up. ...read more.


Juliet cant be comforted now though and the nurse cannot help her with her situation. She says 'Marry, I will, and this is wisely done.' which means she would marry Paris if she really did love Romeo to keep him a secret. Juliet is not convinced and says that she will kill herself if she cannot be with Romeo. Shakespeare has cleverly added this in, as later on in the play, when Juliet sees she can never be with Romeo she kills herself. Juliet can't marry Paris as she is already married to Romeo. She takes a drug which sends her into a deep sleep and seems as if she is dead. Everyone is upset and when Romeo finds out about this, he goes to see if its true and then eventually kills himself. Juliet then wakes up and sees what he has done and kills her self. All of the duologues have led up to Romeo and Juliet taking their lives and dying together. These duologues play an important part in this play. Shakespeare has added in prophecy and fate, meaning the audience has a slight hint to the outcome. Juliet may have though twice about killing herself if she had family who cared what happened to her, however she did not. Therefore taking her own life was nothing, as she felt she had nothing to live for. ...read more.

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