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Romeo and Juliet- Essay

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Romeo and Juliet- Essay William Shakespeare is said to have wrote the play Romeo and Juliet between the years 1589 to 1595. During this time period William Shakespeare also wrote the two gentlemen of Verona and King Richard III. However I will be focusing on one of his most famous plays Romeo and Juliet. The play is about two families, Capulet's and Montague's, who have been fighting and arguing for many centuries. Romeo who is a Montague and Juliet who is a Capulet fall in love and ignore their families' hatred for each other. Act one scene five is the first time when Romeo and Juliet meet each other and are able to talk to one another. The scene takes place at the Capulet mansion where a masked ball is being held by the head of the Capulet house. This scene is the most important as it is the first time where Romeo and Juliet meet each other and find out about each others backgrounds. Before act one scene five the audience are able to see the families' hatred for each other as they are constantly fighting. However the audience see a gentler and caring side to Romeo, unlike the rest of his relatives he is not fighting on the streets but he is thinking about a girl that he loves who does not love him in return. ...read more.


The way in which Romeo talks about Juliet is very descriptive and helps the audience to see Juliet in Romeos eyes. Whilst Romeo is describing Juliet's beauty, Tybalt recognises Romeo and realises there are Montague's at the ball. Tybalt interrupts Romeo "This, by his voice, should be a Montague. Fetch me my rapier, boy." Tybalt recognises Romeos voice as a Montague even though he is wearing a mask. Tybalt then demands a weapon so that he can kill Romeo. Tybalt does not like the idea of a Montague gate crashing and Capulet ball and wants to seek revenge. The audience sense a change in mood in this scene. At the beginning of the scene everyone was enjoying themselves at the ball, however later on in the scene the mood changes to a more violent and hatred filled scene. "Uncle, this is a Montague, our foe: a villain that is hither comes in spite, to scorn at our solemnity this night." This quote shows the change in mood through the descriptive words used. The words in this quote that change the mood of the scene are foe, villain, spite and scorn. All these words have hatred and aggressive impact on the scene. After Tybalt interrupts Romeo describing Juliet Capulet who is the host of the ball, compliments Romeo even though he knows that he is a Montague. ...read more.


From this quote Juliet says that Romeo has lips like someone who would say a prayer. Juliet is trying to say that Romeo is innocent and young; she tries to get this message across using a metaphor which livens up their dialogue. After Romeo and Juliet meets for the first time, they are split apart within minutes by the nurse who interrupts their conversation. After Romeo kisses Juliet for the second time the nurse interrupts and informs her "Madam, your mother craves a word with you." The Nurse interrupts and tells Juliet that her mother needs to talk to her. At the time the play was written, the position of women was very different than it is today. The time Romeo and Juliet was written the majority of people were getting married by the age of fifteen and would have children by the age of seventeen. However nowadays it is illegal to get married at such a young age. Women now have much more rights than before. Shakespeare creates tension in "Romeo and Juliet" using various techniques. The use of dramatic irony makes the play much more interesting from the audience's perspective. All the emotions shown by the characters in the play help build up the tension. Also the sudden changes in mood help to create tension as the audience cannot tell what is going to happen next. ?? ?? ?? ?? Borna Abbassian 11F ...read more.

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