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romeo and juliet essay

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Who or what is to blame for the tragic consequences of Romeo and Juliet? Written in the Elizabethan times, The Unconquerable love and heroic actions that have taken place in this romantic tragedy really make it stand out as one of Shakespeare greatest tales. It is an enchanting tale between two "death-marked" lovers who are deeply in love with each other and have no control over what happens. It is this that leads Romeo and Juliet to the sorrowful and tragic death. It is hard to establish who is to blame for the death of these two "star-cross'd lovers" because there are many reasons of why they had such misfortune. The blame could go to anything from the vicious and a persistent feud between their families to the two couples themselves or friar Laurence, the nurse maybe the prince of Verona or something far greater, fate! In this essay it will be argued that it just wasn't one aspect that affected this distressing outcome. Even before the opening scene the prologue suggests that fate will come between these lovers and keep them apart. "...A pair of star-cross'd lovers take their life... ...The fearful passage of their death-mark'd love..." In addition to the prologue. In the opening scene there is a wide array of action and drama. Shakespeare introduces us to the various personalities and their perspectives. ...read more.


However, he should have thought about the consequences and how since the head of the families were unaware, the marriage could only have negative affects. Also, if they were never married they would not have such passion and reason for wanting to be together and therefore would not have killed themselves because their spouse was dead. A second reason the Friar should be held most responsible is the fact that he gave Juliet a remedy in order to "fake" her death. "Take thou this vial, being then in bed, And this distilled liquor drink thou off; When presently through all thy veins shall run A cold and drowsy humour, for no pulse Shall keep his native progress, but surcease." This fluid (while going through her veins) will make her cold and drowsy and make it appear as if she does not have a pulse. However, her blood will continue moving naturally and will not stop. If the Friar had not given her the vial, Romeo would not have heard the news that she was dead and therefore would not have killed himself in Capulet's tomb. Another basis of accusing Friar Laurence of the deaths of the two is the fact that Romeo did not receive the information about the plan. The Friar tells Juliet, "In this resolve. I'll send a friar with speed To Mantua, with my letters to thy lord". ...read more.


"...Well, Juliet, I will lie with thee tonight. Let's see for means. O mischief thou art swift to enter in the thoughts of desperate men. I do remember an apothecary..." This tells of how Romeo heard of Juliet's death and decides that he can't live without her and so he will kill himself to be with her. This passage shows how Romeo and Juliet could have been at fault for their own deaths. There are many to blame for the deaths, the parents, Friar Lawrence, and Romeo and Juliet, fate, but each has its own good qualities of why it could be those people. It is really a personal decision on who is at fault and how you view the book. But either way, someone is to blame. The person I believe is the most responsible is Friar Lawrence. The deaths of Romeo and Juliet are Friar Laurence's fault because of his impulsive behaviour and choices he made. His heart was in the right place but his head wasn't. His first wrong action was marrying the two, which began the horrible events in the play. The Friar's second awful mistake was giving Juliet a mixture, which caused Romeo to be misinformed on Juliet's death. Lastly, he did not personally send a letter telling Romeo of their plan as he promised. If people in life thought before they acted, choices would be better made and regrets would occur less often. By Bilal Ali Sattar 9PEF ...read more.

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