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Romeo and Juliet Essay.

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Romeo and Juliet Essay Many people agree that the feuding society of Verona is to blame for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet. However, it is also true that there are other reasons which contribute to the tragic outcome of the play. As well as these reasons, Shakespeare's use of language and the variety of styles that are used throughout the play impact on the audience and hint at the tragic ending. The feud is the obvious reason why Romeo and Juliet could not be together. It is what many people consider to be the reason for their deaths. The feud is responsible for their deaths in the way that it is the reason that they have to keep their love a secret. It is also a reason for their deaths in the way that it is the feud that leads to Romeo's banishment - a cause of the deaths. It becomes apparent in the prologue that feuding is an important part of the Verona society. The prologue tells of an "ancient grudge break to new mutiny" this depicts a divided society in which feuding is very important. This is the first image that the audience has of Verona and will influence how they think about the rest of the play. The very first scene of the play shows the feuding; this is another sign of how important feuding was in Verona. ...read more.


The motives of Friar Lawrence should also be questioned as his actions also have an effect on the outcome of the play. Firstly, the Friar does wrong to marry Romeo and Juliet for the wrong reasons. That is not because he thought that they were in love but to stop the feuding: "for this alliance may so happy prove to turn your households' rancour to pure love". Also, Juliet has to question the motives of the friar before she takes the potion in Act 4 Scene 3. When she says, "lest in this marriage he should be dishonoured" this evokes a feeling of tension because no one can be sure of the friar's motives at this point. It should be taken into consideration that the friar devises a dangerous plan which means that his part in the marriage of Romeo and Juliet is kept concealed. The friar says, "I do spy a kind of hope, which craves as desperate an execution as that is desperate which we wish to prevent". By saying this he shows he is as desperate as Juliet to stop her and Paris marrying. I would say, therefore, that all of these reasons together result in the deaths of Romeo and Juliet. As just the feud without the chance happenings would not have had this result and without the feud the chance happenings would have been of no importance. ...read more.


This speech causes the audience to consider Mercutio as a deeper more well-rounded character who not only has the ability to make people laugh but also to make them think. This is another example of how appearance and reality can be different. Shakespeare also included sonnets in 'Romeo and Juliet', there are several sonnets in the play. The prologue - at the start of Act 1 and at the end of Act 1 and also the first meeting of Romeo and Juliet are all written in sonnet form. I think that this is effective because it breaks up sections of the play. I also think that it impacts on the audience because sonnets were often written about love, and therefore are associated with love. For the first meeting of Romeo and Juliet to be written in sonnet form could be perceived as significant and signifies to the audience that Romeo and Juliet are or will be in love. In conclusion it would be fair to say that, the feud is in some way responsible for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet, however other factors to contribute to the ending which are equally as important. As well as the themes the language and styles used by Shakespeare also have an effect on the way that the audience thinks about the play. The depth of character that is created by Shakespeare is also very effective. That is when all of these things are put together they make 'Romeo and Juliet' such a complex plot and have the desired effect on the audience. ...read more.

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