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Romeo and Juliet Essay

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English Coursework How does Shakespeare use the character of Tybalt in Romeo & Juliet? Romeo and Juliet was written in the mid-1590's and was first published in 1597 and is Shakespeare's first non-historical tragedy. At this time Queen Elizabeth was on the throne, Elizabeth did not support or approve feuding or duelling and began a campaign, "Just say no" was created to stop such conflicts. The campaign inspired many including Shakespeare and in return he created Romeo and Juliet which is his contribution to the campaign. He got his inspiration from Arthur Brooke, who wrote a story about two star-crossed lovers in his tale 'the Tragicall History of Romeus and Juliet'. Arthur Brooke set the story in Italy; Shakespeare decided that the setting would not change as Italian cities were infamous for having notorious feuding at these times. At the time this story was written only men were allowed on the stage, therefore they had to act the female characters throughout the plays. This gave Shakespeare ideas about how to change his story from Arthur Brooke's including the age of Juliet. ...read more.


"I will withdraw: but this intrusion shall now seeming sweet convert to bitter gall." There is no conflict during the scene as Tybalt is controlled by his father who will not let no further feud continue at his ball. Tybalt decides to look for Romeo to confront him, this scene causes tension but also entertainment and excitement for the audience because they know that there will be a brawl when they finally meet. Shakespeare has purposely made the play this way so his audience can feel suspense between the two characters but also the surprise of when Mercutio gets stabbed. Mercutio's death is the most important part of the play, for a number of reasons. It shows the friendship that Romeo and Mercutio have for each other because he doesn't tell Tybalt where Romeo is. The second is when Mercutio gets stabbed he mentions about "A plague o'both your houses!" Basically saying that the feud between both of them is pathetic and they should both be punished. This part of the play brings out a different side to Romeo and he acts the same as Tybalt being fiery, aggressive and hot-blooded. ...read more.


"Well, peace be with you, sir. Here comes my man." Tybalt confronts Romeo revealing that he is infact ready for a duel but instead Romeo tries to reason with him because of the love that he has for Tybalt's cousin; Juliet. Tybalt's angry and frustration is shown within this scene as he cannot accept the fact that Romeo will not participate in the feud. Shakespeare uses Tybalt to show the difference between youth and age and shows this through the generation gap. The older generation use the younger generation to continue their will, for example Capulet is insisting that Juliet is to marry Paris against her own will. This is not attempted to be stopped as the elders would not have accepted the marriage of Romeo and Juliet because of the long fought feud between their families. Tybalt is a key character throughout the play as he is the causes of most of the feuds within the play leading to deaths of Mercutio and himself, leading to the abolishment of Romeo from Verona. There is a strong feeling of revenge which is caused by Tybalt but presented through the character of Romeo. ...read more.

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