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Romeo and Juliet Essay

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Romeo and Juliet Essay In this essay, I will be exploring the theme of conflict in the play, Romeo and Juliet. Conflict usually occurs from past events such as war which could have been caused due to disagreements with laws or ways of life. There are two types of conflict. There is physical which is war, fighting and damage you ca usually see. The other type is inner conflict (verbal) which is arguing, blackmail etc. an example of inner conflict is arsenal and Tottenham. They are two North London football teams in the premiership and therefore become rivals. The prologue at the beginning is a tradition that has been done for many years. This started in ancient Greek times. The prologue in the play Romeo and Juliet sets the scene in which the conflict begins. It describes two families who are both the same status are rivals. "Two households, both alike in dignity". "From ancient grudge break to new mutiny". Mutiny suggests that there will be lots of conflict. ...read more.


Ill pay doctrine, or else die in debt". Shakespeare does this to produce conflict and make it dramatic. Act 3 scene 1 opens with a relaxed, lazy mood as it is hot. Dramatic iron is used when Mercutio talks to himself about how he's going to die. Benvolio fears meeting the Capulets, knowing a fight will surly follow. Mercutio laughs at his fears, accusing benvolio of being a quick tempered quarreller. "Thou art as hot as a jack in thy mood as any in Italy. Romeo experiences a lot of conflict in this scene. There is conflict between Romeo and Tybalt. This happens during the fight with Mercutio. Mercutio is burning with so much rage, that he doesn't notice that he had stabbed Tybalt. Romeo believes he isn't hurt that much. "The hurt cannot be much". While Mercutio is wounded, he curses both houses. Juliet grieves for Romeo but her mother thinks she is grieving for Tybalt. "So shall you feel the loss, but not the friend you weep for". Romeo would rather die then not be with Juliet. " Let me be tame. ...read more.


Shakespeare creates a feel of conflict at the end when both Romeo and Juliet die. Juliet takes the potion from the friar and drinks it to make her look like she's dead. Romeo returns to where she is to find her in the idle state and decides to kill himself as he can't be without her. Juliet later awakes to find him dead beside her. She thinks the same thing as Romeo and commits suicide. Shakespeare does this to keep the audience watching and to put a twist at the end. He does this to be more unique from most plays happy ending. This play is still popular 411 years on because it has been reproduced so many times it is a timeless classic and perhaps some people can relate to it. Shakespeare tries to get the message across that unless you have a very good reason, you should not stop love. The impact of death may surprise people who expected a happy ending. This play is well known and most people have to write about it at some point in there life. Maybe long essay that year 10 students may find boring. By Curtis Taylor 10V1 ...read more.

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