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Romeo and Juliet - How does Shakespeare shape our response to the lover's first meeting in Act I Scene V?

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Romeo and Juliet How does Shakespeare shape our response to the lover's first meeting in Act I Scene V? Shakespeare shapes our response to the lover's first meeting in a number of ways. Romeo and Juliet is set in the town of Verona. It is a story of two feuding families the Montague's and the Capulet's. Verona is divided by civil war between these two noble families. We are told of an ancient grudge in the prologue but are never told in detail. This was a common way to introduce a play, the words of a chorus would silence an unsettled audience at the beginning and set the atmosphere. The chorus informs and wets the appetite of the audience as it predicts the outcome and fate of the "star crossed lovers". This keeps within the realm of a Greek tragedy. The families' siblings Romeo and Juliet meet by fate at a party and fall in love and plan to marry, but Juliet's mother is planning Juliet's marriage to Count Paris. ...read more.


In act 1 scene 5 the Nurse interrupts the first kiss of Romeo and Juliet. She says, "madam your mother craves a word with you". The Nurse is clear about what is going on. She does what she thinks is best, and tries to protect Romeo by telling him who and what she is. This shows a soft touch. The Nurse may like him. However, she knows that it can only cause trouble. Friar Lawrence although by no means the main character, played never the less a key role in the tragedy of Romeo & Juliet. In this essay I'm going to write about whom the Friar is, what his role is in the play. The issues of how his character influences the play, if he was responsible for Romeo & Juliet deaths and whether he could have prevented the tragedy will also be discussed. Among other points will be how fate played a part in the play, what the other characters thought of him, and what Friar Lawrence's intentions were. ...read more.


However, her love for Romeo changes her completely. She is practical and aware of the new circumstances, and she makes the proposal of marriage. All of Shakespeare's plays are written in blank verse, like to human voice. This technique allows flexibility and a wide range of tones. E.g. Tybalt - "What art though drawn among these hearless hinds? Turn thee, Benvolio, look upon thy death. Most dramatists in the 16th and 17th century used this form. Soliloquies are used mainly by the lovers Romeo and Juliet, e.g. "my only love" and "o dear account". Romeo describes Juliet's beauty entirely in a soliloquy as she kills herself in the vault. Romeo and Juliet is a universal love story and is one of the most popular love stories in the world. Romeo and Juliet appeals to all ages and has been converted over the years in to Films, TV adaptations, books, cartoons and magazines. Romeo and Juliet is also studies by thousands of schools around the world and is not just known in the western countries but also known in parts of Asia, Africa and south America. Martin Albazi English Coursework Romeo and Juliet Ms O'shea ...read more.

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