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Romeo And Juliet : How Juliet Shows Her Emotion Using Drama And Langauge.

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Lior Allen

Shakespeare plays around with the concept of love immensely in this play; the whole play revolves around the different types of love apparent and the contrast between them.  He does this by showing one side of love next to a completely different one, for example he shows the crude love for women’s bodies on one scene and on the next scene he would show the romantic true love between Romeo and Juliet, this not only would excaudate and dramatise the type of love but makes the play more interesting.  Every character perceives love in a different way, adding a clear contrast to Romeo and Juliet’s first love. Shakespeare uses strong tools such as language and drama to show her change of emotion. Shakespeare shows the type of love by using imagery, dramatic presentation and developing characters either by what they say, how they act and what others say about them.  The first type of love shown in the play is boyish, crude and violent love that Sampson and Gregory, two Capulet servants, have for women, this is very extreme and sexual, not only to get the viewer or the reader’s immediate interest in the play but also to get a very different type of love to contrast with loves later on experienced in the play, “Tis true and women being the weaker vessels will ever be thrust to the wall”, “ay, the heads of the maid or their maiden heads, take it in any sense thou wilt”.

Juliet is also firstly introduced to the play by others talking about her, in this case it is her father and Paris, a friend of the family who wants her hand in marriage.  From their conversation the reader gets the impression that Juliet is pure, very young, naive and vulnerable from what her father says, “my child is yet a stranger to the world, she hath not seen the change of fourteen years”, from what Capulet says we also get the impression that she is daddies little girl, she is special to her father, here it is the first time that Shakespeare shows a parental love, we see Capulet really being caring and protective of Juliet, “earth hath swallowed all my hopes but she, she is the hopeful lady of my earth” he claims that she is still too young and not ready to be married, “let two more summers wither in their pride, ere we may think her ripe to be a bride”.

Shakespeare introduces Juliet in Act 1 Scene 5 where she is caught out by a montage named Romeo who has set his love to. Juliet’s relationship with her mother is very abrupt and distant.  Juliet acts very formal when talking to her mother in a short and brief manner, “madam I am here what is your will”, along with this it seems that lady Capulet does not feel comfortable talking to her own daughter alone when wishes the nurse to leave so she can talk to Juliet in private then abruptly asking her back in the room, “nurse give leave a while we must talk in secret, nurse come back again”, the reason for this would be the fact that she left the job of raising her child to a wet nurse which would have been the fashion in those days for a women of her a class, lady Capulet does not show any parental love to Juliet she feels that her only responsibility is to marry Juliet to some one on the same social level as the Capulet family is, someone who would keep the family reputation high. The person that does have more of a mother role towards Juliet is the nurse. The nurse is one of the only people Juliet feels most comfortable around when it comes to sharing her emotions. The nurse treats Juliet like her own daughter as the nurse daughter had died. The nurse refers to an incident which occurred to Juliet when she was a toddler which shows her care for Juliet.

The first time the lovers meet they speak their own biblical language, here is where Shakespeare uses the religious imagery, Romeo says, “If I profane with my unworthiness hand this holy shrine the gentle sins is this, my lips too blushing pilgrim ready stand to smooth that brought touch with a tender kiss”, Juliet replies, “good pilgrim you do wrong your hand too much which mannerly devotion shows in this for saint have hands that pilgrims hands do touch and palm to palm is holy palmers kiss”, here the religious imagery reflects the purity and uniqueness of the love they feel. Shakespeare uses a sonnet in the first meeting between Romeo and Juliet. The use of a sonnet is to suite the style of the situation.

In act 2 scenes 2 we see one of the most romantic moment in the play. Romeo manages to find his way into Juliet’s garden and above him was Juliet saying her soliloquy. Shakespeare uses a soliloquy to show Juliet’s emotion and what is going through her mind. One of the things Juliet explains is how awkward it makes her relationship with Romeo because of him being a Montague as she says ‘’what’s Montague?’’ this suggests that Juliet is asking her self why It has to be as awkward as a name means nothing. When Romeo and Juliet start speaking in this scene, Juliet becomes very formal. She insists that they should get married as they love each other very much. Juliet says ‘’Thy purpose marriage, send me word tomorrow’’. This shows that Juliet is being very practical by declaring where she stands with Romeo with their future and insists that Romeo should propose to her. This is not the only time Juliet was being practical in this scene by warning Romeo how dangerous it is if he was to be caught seen with her. Getting to the end of this scene they start saying their goodbyes but Juliet keeps delaying this by asking Romeo if he loves her as this is showing that Juliet does not want to let go of Romeo. Juliet delays this when she says’’ Hist, Romeo, hist!!’’ to get his attention that leads to the conversation continuing but eventually comes to an end.

In Act 2 scene 5 we start to see Juliet’s impatience. Juliet uses strong words about the as she awaits the news on whether her and Romeo will be married. As the nurse arrives Juliet jumps at the nurse to find out Romeo’s answer. While the nurse giggles she says’’ Fie how my bones ache, what a jaunt have I?’’ as the nurse teases Juliet. However Juliet doesn’t react appropriately to the teasing as she’s awaiting a serious response where as the nurse is playing with her. Once all the teasing stops the nurse tells Juliet that she will be marrying Romeo and she had made a good choice. The nurse says ‘’well, you know how to choose a man’’. This is suggesting that the nurse thinks well of Juliet. Throughout this scene Juliet’s mood changes as in the beginning Juliet was expressing how she wished the nurse was young like her and understands how she is feeling. Juliet says “had she affections and warm youthful blood’’. This is showing Juliet being very bitter about the nurse as Juliet is being impatient.  During the time she was waiting Juliet was loosing her patience with the nurse and started to become very frustrated. Once the nurse comes and tells her the news Juliet’s mood changes from frustration to delight.

In Act 3 scene 1 Juliet receives news that her cousin Tybalt had been murdered and to make things worse for her the killer was her husband Romeo. The nurse asks Juliet why she speaks well of Romeo the man who murdered her cousin. Juliet then says if she should speak well of who is her husband. The scene begins with Juliet and a soliloquy, however this time Juliet is not awaiting for the nurse now she is awaiting for Romeo as it’s their wedding and little does she know as she has just been banished. Then the nurse yet again was to give Juliet news but this time it’s the news that she didn’t want to hear. At first Juliet misunderstood the nurse’s message and thought that Romeo had been murdered – yet again we see how much Juliet loves him because of how upset she is.

In Act 3 scene 5, we learn that Romeo and Juliet have spent the night together. This, coupled with Romeo’s recognition that if he would stays die’, and our knowledge of what is likely to happen to Juliet if they are caught, provide the audience with a dramatic opening to the scene. Juliet shows again how she is being practical by telling Romeo to depart. Once they say their goodbyes to each other. Lady Capulet comes into Juliet’s room. Juliet finds this very unusual and begins to question Lady Capulet as it’s very rare that she comes to her room. Throughout the play Shakespeare has mention different ways the strong relation between Juliet and the nurse and the tense relationship with Juliet and her mother. We see complete isolation throughout the scene with Juliet and her family. The death of her cousin Tybalt in Act 3 scene 1 has bought strange ideas to the Capulet. Previously, the Capulet was unwilling to force Juliet into getting married. He believed that she was too young, he told Paris ‘’let two more summers wither in their pride ere we may think her ripe to be a bride’’. Paris wasn’t content with and so Capulet agreed to allow Juliet to decider her husband.

In Act 3 scene 4 we see that the Capulet had already agreed for Paris to marry his daughter this has completley contridiceted his views from act 1 scene 2. Juliet is feeling very emotional as her husband has just left her and doubts that she will ever seen Romeo again. She is brought to tears and has become agitated. Lady Capulet belives this is because the recent death to Juliet’s cousin Tybalt. Juliet speaks at cross-purposes with her mother for a small period of time during this scene as it’s her way of relieving herself from this buden that she has bottled up. Juliet almost snaps and tells her her secret when the lady capulet tells juliet of “joyful tidings”. Shes is fuming and this is shown from persumed aggressive tone conveyed from the text. She says “I will not marry yet; and when I do, I swear it shall be Romeo’’ she imidietly recovers and says ‘’whom you no I hate’’ and escapes the danger. This leaves the Capulet absolutley furious by this  that she tells her to go and tell her father herself and soon after she leaves. This idea of cross-purposes also occurs with Juliet and the nurse in Act 3 scene 2.

The only person that Juliet could turn to was the Nurse. She asks the nurse for help and comfort a few before the nurse begins. The nurse gives her understanding that Juliet doesn’t want to hear. She says that she thinks that Juliet will be more joyful with Paris and so she curses her own heart by it. When Juliet says “amen” she means let it be cursed and from this point on Juliet is left alone. Juliets reaction are different to each person. To her mother she is a aggreseive and fearless of, to her her father she is scared and even begs to him when she says “ I beseech you on my knees” and to the Nurse she shows little respect but less hostility.

Juliet agress to the marriage but she has a plan all sussed out with the friar. Her plan is to drink a potion which will allow her to appear dead before taking this potion Juliet says another solioquy in which we see her deepest fears and thoughts of the friar and of the vault. She begins in a rather calm manner but she draws nearer to taking the potion she works up an excitement she begins to see things. Juliet wonders whether the friar has played a trick on her or whether she won’t wake up, that she will awake the wrong time or that it will just not suceed. Juliet feats that she will be left lonely in the vaught going mad from the fear. By this time she has workd up such a frnezy she thinks that she has seen Tybalts ghost scream “stay,Tybalt,stay!’’ she believes he is out to seek revenge on Romeo and soshe warns Romeo and in doing so she takes the potion.

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