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Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy written by the highly distinguished British playwright William Shakespeare in 1595.

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Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy written by the highly distinguished British playwright William Shakespeare in 1595. The play dramatizes the fate of two young lovers whose tragic deaths are brought about by feuding between their families and by their own passionate temperaments. Shakespeare is worldly renowned for being the best playwright to ever live and he is best known for his comic and tragic plays such as 12th Night, Midsummer Nights Dream and Romeo and Juliet. Although Shakespeare had a wife and kids that lived in Stratford he left to live in London in around 1588 and by 1592 had attained success as an actor and a playwright. Some things that may have influenced Shakespeare during the writing of Romeo and Juliet are; many people believe that Romeo and Juliet was influenced by one of Shakespeare's very own love interests, although it has never been proven. In addition to this it was written in Elizabethan London which was at the height of social activity and the Queen herself was said to be a fan of Shakespeare's works, but possibly the most prominent thing that was happening around Shakespeare at the time was the Plague which seems to have had some influence on the writing of this play "a plague on both your houses". ...read more.


At first he is a minor character but as the play goes on and for both Romeo and Juliet a list of confidantes is wearing thin he becomes there last true friend, this is epitomized when Juliet goes to visit him for the final time "tell me not Friar, that thou hear'st of this unless thou tell me how to prevent it". Another type of relationship that is an important factor during the course of the play is filial love; filial the Montague's parents towards their son Romeo initially show love. This is because Lady Montague is worried about the perpetuate absence of Romeo and questions Benvolio about it "o where is Romeo see you him today?" this evident worrying shows a very caring side of an otherwise cold hard women. Another very good filial relationship is that of Juliet and the Nurse, as Juliet and Lady Capulet have never been very close the more prominent mother figure has always fallen to the nurse. The nurse also sees Juliet as a daughter and this is first evident when the nurse says "I could tell her age unto an hour" this shows that Juliet means a lot to nurse so much that she knows exactly when she was born. ...read more.


In my view the most important scene of Romeo and Juliet's relationship comes shortly after Tybalts death and Romeos banishment when Romeo visits her for the night, after the night they arrange to make a plan for them to meet and live together after all has died down. As Romeo is leaving Juliet has a premonition that she sees him dead "o God I have an il-divininng soul, methinks I see thee now, thou art so low, as one dead in bottom of a tomb", this is the first time within the play that a true sense of ill fated destiny is put across by the characters. Romeo and Juliet's relationship comes to a dramatic end when Romeo takes poison to kill himself after hearing news of Juliet's death "tonight I shall rest with thee" not knowing that it is all part of a plan to bring them back together, and as he takes the poison Juliet wakes only to see him die within her arms "thus with a kiss I die". Juliet then slays herself so that they can be together and that ends Romeo and Juliet's tragic tail of love. Jack Sponder Explore the ways in which Shakespeare presents Filial Platonic and Romantic Love in Romeo and Juliet ...read more.

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