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Romeo and Juliet is a tragic tale of two families embroiled in a bitter feud, passed down through generations.

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Romeo and Juliet is a tragic tale of two families embroiled in a bitter feud, passed down through generations. This 'ancient grudge' ignites countless passionate fights, captivating the many civilians of 'fair Verona'. But whilst this rivalry and hatred is in dispute, love still manages to find its path amid two na�ve family enemies, resulting in disastrous consequences for both households. Ironically the deaths of two grudged family members unite the households with sorrow and mourning. The play by William Shakespeare involves many religious references that are still valid and understood in society to this day. Romeo and Juliet has successfully become a play that many people can relate to, and have the same emotions to as the audience who watched it centuries before. The tragedy involving the two lovers makes a great storyline and so has been interpreted into many films. I will be commenting on the dramatic effectiveness of the play and how successfully it is conveyed in the movies produced by Baz Luhrman and Zeffireli. I have chosen two key moments to comment on how they can be interpreted in a performance and their dramatic effectiveness. The first moment I have selected is act 1 scene 4 to 5 - the party scene. This is a pivotal moment in the play as Romeo meets Juliet for the first time. This occurs when the Montague's arrive uninvited at the Capulet party with the help of Mercutio, the prince's 'kinsman'. ...read more.


Romeo and Juliet are horrified by this cruel twist of fate, but still seem interested in each other; "my grave is like to be my wedding bed." The fact they seem occupied with each other after the announcement of their origins, suggests they believed in the power of chance and the positioning of the stars determining their destinies. This would have been the general belief of the time and so can be related with the audience. The end of act one is finished by Juliet using poetry to portray her feelings to the Nurse; "My only love sprung from my only hate! Too early seen unknown, and known too late! Prodigious birth of love it is to me, that I must love a loathed enemy." This rhyming quadruplet emphasises Juliet's emotions to the audience so it seems more dramatic. The second pivotal scene in Romeo and Juliet is Act three-scene one, the fight scene. In this act Romeo and Juliet have been married and the Montague boys and Mercutio come into contact with their hated foes, the Capulets. "By my head, here come the Capulets." Shakespeare makes Benvolio say this, so the audience knows whom it is arriving on the stage. It also builds tension, as they know the two groups are prone to fighting each other so the audience will be delighted as in those days they loved the gory fight scenes. ...read more.


She also asks for revenge on her despised foe, the Montagues; "For blood of ours shed blood of Montague." Benvolio then describes what happened in lots of detail for 26 lines. Benvolio's detail displays how vividly he sees the whole event; this is because he has watched enmity kill two individuals, which shocks Benvolio as he is quite a peace-keeping character, and is not as hot-headed as the rest of the boys; " I do but keep the peace, put up thy sword." Lady Capulet is still upset and is not happy with Benvolio's description of events as she feels he is being bias towards Romeo, his family member; "He is a kinsman of the Montague; Affection makes him false, he speaks not true." After listening to both families' cases, the Prince decides for Romeo to be banished from Verona or he will be killed; "Immediately we do exile him hence." Romeo and Juliet is an engrossing play covering many styles and themes. It's main genre, I feel, is tragedy as the storyline has a deeply catastrophic ending, with the couple both killing themselves after trying to break the ancient grudge between their families. Romance, obviously has a major role in the play through the pair of children, lusting to be with each other even knowing their households are bitter enemies. I feel the film Directed by Baz Luhrman has been extremely well converted from an Italian based 16th century play to a modern day American based movie, and in some place with some quite comical values. ...read more.

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