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Romeo and Juliet. Juliets' diary.

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Romeo and Juliet SUNDAY - After meeting Romeo at the ball There was another street brawl this morning with us and the Montagues but this doesn't matter any more. Today was a wonderful day. The invites were sent for my father's party. Romeo and his friends entered our party unnoticed by my family. I danced with Romeo and fell in love immediately but then my mother parted us and made me dance with Paris. I haven't seen him since and am missing him already. Later in the evening, after the party had finished, I was talking quietly to myself wondering where my Romeo was, declaring my love for him. Then he appeared out of the trees, in the orchard, in front of me. ...read more.


Romeo felt guilty and fought with Tybalt. Romeo killed Tybalt and then realised what he'd done. He ran away into hiding. When the prince arrived, he banished Romeo from Verona forever. My Romeo killed my dear cousin Tybalt, but I know Romeo didn't want to, but had no choice. Tybalt can be like that some times. I don't know what to do; my husband has killed my cousin. I am relieved that Romeo is still alive. I don't know what I would have done if anything had a happened to my Romeo. I am horrified though my Romeo is banished from Verona for ever. It is worse than everyone I know being killed. I want to see my Romeo one final time and sure enough later that night he arrived. ...read more.


A special potion that would make me seem dead for the next 42 hours. The potion would stop me breathing and stop my pulse I would collapse and my body temperature would drop. My family would find me and think I was dead, the wedding with Paris would be cancelled and I would be rid of him and my family. Meanwhile, Friar Lawrence would send a message to my Romeo informing him of the situation. I would be buried in the family vault and Romeo would come back to Verona and we would run away when I woke up. We will be together for ever and no-one will know anything about it. Just before bed I will take the potion. But I am unsure about the potion What if it doesn't work? What if I never wake up? I'm scared. Dale Irving, 11M ...read more.

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