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Romeo and Juliet - look at the attitude and the behaviour of Lord Capulet, and also look at how far Lord Capulet is to blame for the tragedy of the star-crossed lovers.

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Romeo and Juliet My assignment will look at the attitude and the behaviour of Lord Capulet in Romeo and Juliet and I will also look at how far Lord Capulet is to blame for the tragedy of the star-crossed lovers. The most famous English playwright William Shakespeare wrote Romeo and Juliet. William Shakespeare son of John and Mary Shakespeare was born in 1564 in Stratford-Upon-Avon. The play "Romeo and Juliet" is about Love, Hate and Feud between the two households Montagues and Capulets. The Feud and hate between the two households turned into Love and Friendship in just 5 days because of the death of these star-crossed lovers 'Romeo' and 'Juliet'. William Shakespeare keeps referring to time because he wants to tell the audience that how quickly every thing is happening e.g. Very late, Tonight, Wednesday next, Thursday, Go to bed, An hour ago. Before the play started an actor would come up to the stage and read out the prologue. The prologue summarised the play. There are several sonnets in the play, the chorus at the start and end of Act 1, Lady Capulet's praise of Paris. "Read o'er the volume of young Paris' face, by having him, making yourself no less."(Act 1, Scene 3, line 82-95.) This particular thing is a very clever way to start a play also shows how clever the writer is. ...read more.


Now a days father do not worry about their daughters marriage because they know she will get a boy friend and if they want they could get married and then nobody could stop them because they can decide this marriage thing between themselves, they don't need parents permission. It is all up to them who they want to choose. In some Religions and Cultures people who wants to get married ask the Bride's father e.g. in Islam. Another difference between then and now is that when girls get married They are usually above 18 but during the time the play was written many girls were married when they were still very young. At times Lord Capulet is a very calm and reasonable man. When the young and rich county Paris requests to marry Capulets daughter he explain that Juliet is still 13 years old " she hath not seen the change of fourteen." At the feast on Sunday Lord Capulet welcomes everybody and this shows that he is a very friendly man. Later he reminisces with his cousin about the past and when it comes to the time for the dancers to dance Capulet uses the excuse " for you and I are past our dancing days," and "How long is it since last yourself and I were in a mask." ...read more.


wedding forward so without knowing it he brought the tragedy forward and if he never brought the wedding forward then the letter may have actually reached Romeo. In this scene, Lord Capulet is preparing for the wedding so he is talking rapid and quickly so the audience knows that he is very busy and this is another case of the stagecraft that the writer used. The actor would say these lines (short sharp sentences) very quickly and he would be moving around very quick on the stage to give the idea to the audience that he is very busy. The overall behaviour can be described as him being a representative father of his time because he is very thoughtless but is behaviour is influenced by the fact that he was living in Verona at a time that Verona was patriarchal city. In my view Lord Capulet is not to blame for the tragedy because he was just trying to be a very caring father and he wanted his daughter to be happy, "she is the hopeful lady of my life." It was the hate of the feud that caused this tragedy of the star crossed lovers and as we are told, "Here is much to do with hate, but more to do with love," and the love of Romeo and Juliet succeeded in bringing the families together but at a price of their lives. ...read more.

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