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Romeo and juliet Love

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Romeo and Juliet Task: Explore the imagery and other poetic techniques used by Shakespeare in these scenes to suggest the differences between false love (infatuation / obsession) and true love. Most people think that Romeo was only in love with Juliet in the play but he falls in love twice. At the beginning of the play Romeo was actually in love with a girl called Rosaline. Romeo knows that Rosaline does not love him back that makes him depressed. After he meets Juliet for the first time and his mind completely changed, he forgets about Rosaline and falls in true love. ...read more.


Later on in Scene 1, Romeo says the negative side of love because of how depressed he is "love is a smoke" means that love is blinding him for the truth, that him and Rosaline will never happen and "a madness" means that love makes you go crazy. Another thing is that Romeo says two words that sound like he has suffered a loss "grief's, heavy" but you have grief at a funeral not when you are talking about love. Another way he is depressed by love is the last sentence he says is " I have lost myself", it is saying that he has lost his identity and he doesn't know where he is. ...read more.


Romeo and Juliet makes a poem out of the top of their head without rehearsal, they make a sonnet. 14 line poem and ends with a rhyming couplet and then seals it with a kiss. So you can see that their perfect love was meant to be and they are made for each other To sum up everything we have seen in this essay, there are two different sides of love, that Romeo experiences. We have also seen some fantastic uses of language and the amazing poetry that connect together with Romeos emotions. If you think that Romeo and Juliet will live happily ever after, you are very wrong. Their love through the play eventually gets them both killed. They both commit suicide at the end of the play. Death is a stronger power than love. ...read more.

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