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Romeo and Juliet - Love and Hate.

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Romeo and Juliet - Love and Hate The Baz Luhrmann version of Romeo and Juliet shows hatred in the way of starting the story with explosions gun fire and fighting. This kind of hatred shows tensions and establishes the power, depth and extent of hatred between both families.The background of the hatred shows the reader/viewer its difficult for love. Many oxymoron's are expressed to show Romeo's emotions such as; 'in love'-'unloved.' I found out that the theme of the play is- 'true love hurts. Love is weird and happens when you least expect it. Humour is shown with Romeo's love in the way of his unfortunate love with Rosoline as one minute he is talking about her all the time and then Juliet comes into his life and she just so happens to be from the rival family. ...read more.


Shows language of hatred. In Act One Scene 5 Romeo is vunerable because he is unaware of Tybalt's hatred. True love for Romeo, has no idea who Juliet is and doesn't know Tybalt is after him, looking for a fight. When Tybalt says 'I will withdraw; but this intrusion shall now seeming sweet convert to bitterest gall.' Needed backing down by Capulet. Romeo and Juliet are a pair of 'Star-crossed lovers.' And shows that they were just unlucky that Tybalt overheard. When Romeo says 'Oh dear account my lifeis my foes debt.' Shows an intimation of death. When Juliet says 'Love loathed enemy' Shows that oxymoron's are used to express her feelings. In Act Two, Love causes problems for Romeo in friendship and has to deceive his friends. ...read more.


The Friars view on young love is 'Young men's love lies not truly in their hearts but in their eyes' Like Friar and Romeo, Juliet and Nurse have a close, long relationship which is contrasted between young and old. 'It cannot countervail the exchange of joy that one short minute gives me in her sight,' 'The love-devouring death do what he dare, It is enough I may but call her mine' This ironically comes true later on in the play. In Act 3, heat has an effect in the way of hatred. Benvolio discusses and talks with hatred and temper. Tybalt finds Romeo and gives a challenge. This is a dilemma as Romeo was completely oblivious to this. Romeo chooses not to fight as his love is greater than his hatred. In the Zefarelli version the fight doesn't make out to look serious as in the Baz Luhrmann version he uses violent music to show more hatred. Romeo's secrecy causes Mercutio's death. ...read more.

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