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Romeo and Juliet - Love and hate.

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Wednesday 19th February 2004 GCSE Coursework - Romeo and Juliet coursework Love and hate are the two main themes in this play. These two themes are the complete opposite to each other. This will make it a lot easier two compare and contrast. The way these two themes are used helps to make this a more interesting story as it allows for two different plots. For example Romeo and Juliet's love plot and the hate plot of the fighting of the two families. Also some of these scenes have both of the themes at the same time for example the Capulet party where it skips from the love of Romeo and Juliet and the hatred from Tybalt. There are two characters that are used to epitomize love and hate. These are Tybalt and Romeo. This is so that we can see a major contrast between the two personalities. We can see this difference in the way they speak. For example Romeo (the love character) uses his hyperbole to describe how beautiful Juliet is 'she doth teach the torches to burn bright', 'a snowy dove trooping with crows' this shows that he think she is so beautiful that she stands out from the rest of the crowd. ...read more.


So a number of key events are allowed to take place because of one incident. In the opening of this scene the mood is light and happy which is because it is the beginning of the party. The servants are rushing around happily and Capulet is welcoming his guests. This joyful opening provides the perfect platform for the introduction of Juliet to Romeo but it also shows us how big the contrast actually is as later on Tybalt swears his revenge. Romeo is not supposed to be attending this party for one reason. He is a Montague. He goes however because he wants to see a girl he thinks he loves. However this is not Juliet it is her cousin. When Romeo sees Juliet he speaks to himself using hyperbole. He also uses references to light which give us the impression that she is bright and beautiful. These references are 'she doth teaches the torches to burn bight', 'she hangs on the cheek of night' and 'a snowy dove trooping with crows.' ...read more.


This is when the mood dramatically changes as the audience find out that they cannot be together as they are arch enemies any they begin to understand the extent of the anger Tybalt feels towards Romeo. When Romeo and Juliet find out that they are from the two different houses they each say a short but meaningful speech which includes the main themes of the play, love and hate and it shows us how closely the two can be intermingled. This scene we have been studying is one of the most dramatic scenes which is full of passion and is a key scene which allows the rest of the play to continue. We can see the characters and what theme they represent. We find out that without this scene the play cannot continue, and also we can see how Shakespeare can dramatically change the atmosphere and mood. However most importantly we can understand how important the themes of love and hate actually are and how they become mixed up just by looking at what is being said bye the characters. 'MY only love sprung from my only hate.' Alex Falconer 11L ...read more.

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