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Romeo and Juliet - Love Hate and fate themes within the play

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LOVE, HATE AND FATE THEMES WITHIN THE PLAY ROMEO & JULIET Introduction "Romeo and Juliet" was, and still is the most famous tragedy of all time. Although written by William Shakespeare over 400 yrs ago when views of marriage, sex, age of consent and religious concerns were very different from today. In that time things were stricter, yet the age of consent was a lot younger, it was definitely more religious and sex before marriage was forbidden during the late Elizabethan time in which Shakespeare was writing. However being a wise 33 yr old man Shakespeare managed to write this wonderful play which people then, and even now seem to relate to. But can Romeo and Juliet show us the true meaning of love? In my opinion I would say Romeo & Juliet has to be the most celebrated, romantic and beautiful story of all time. Which has gone into production with great success and has been made a very popular play. The language used is written with beautiful poetry to communicate each one's love felt for one another "With love's light wings did I o'erperch these walls". ...read more.


The third type is shown where Paris, a rich man who is highly respected by the parents of Juliet, is introduced in the play for the planned marriage to Juliet. Due to the fact that marriages were arranged, and how the parents analyse whether the man is fit enough for their daughter. However when the parents truly like the guy and they seem perfect for their daughter, here love is seen as an image, but we shouldn't look upon Paris as just an image, as love is expressed as much more in that it is commitment and true feelings rather than false feelings. However when Romeo meets Juliet at first sight he knows she is different and we finally come to true, 100 % love. This love then can change people as we notice Romeo becomes a more passionate, eager person and Juliet becomes more independent. Love goes through those hardships and is not just feelings, but something the partner is willing to do for the other partner. Whether it is fight with a friend or lose a friendship just to be with them. ...read more.


Romeo would not have fought Tybalt, cousin of Juliet if it wasn't for the fact that Romeo's best friend Mercutio being killed by Tybalt in the first place. Although Tybalt was Juliet's cousin, Romeo just had to get revenge. Which led to things being complicated even more as Romeo was then banished and if it wasn't for this maybe things could have worked for them. In the meantime while Romeo was in banishment the plans for the arranged marriage of Paris to Juliet were going ahead by Juliet's parents. The Friar who had already married Juliet to Romeo had other plans, which was to give Juliet a drug to make her appear dead, even though she would wake 42 hours later. However fate is yet again against the 2 of them. As the letter sent by the Friar never reached Romeo explaining what is going on, in return there is a bad shock as the Friar arrives too late to find Romeo has killed himself lying next to his love Juliet. Who awakes only minutes later to find him dead. All this illustrates the power of Fate in the case of Romeo & Juliet. ...read more.

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