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Romeo and Juliet Media Assignment

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Romeo and Juliet Media Assignment This essay describes how the modern day film media of 'Romeo and Juliet is made meaningful, relate to a modern audience and exciting and fresh through different aspects of how the film was designed. I am describing from the scene after the prologue introduction until the end of that first scene. Intertexuality (cross referencing to other films) is used in 'Romeo and Juliet' firstly when the Capulets and Montegues have their first show down, the music and the style of the fight is in a classical spaghetti western style. The director does this for two reasons, one that it gives atmosphere to the conflict and second it will appeal to a more modern audience and they can refer to the westerns. There are three types of genre in the opening scene; these are an action thriller type scene, western references and a small comic scene. The introduction to 'Romeo and Juliet' starts off with some conflict between the Montegues and the Capulets, which ends in a gun brawl. ...read more.


This all adds up to give a very evil and negative connotation of the two Capulets. I personally stereotype the Capulets as gangsters that have a sense of style, they cause anarchy but for a reason, whereas the Montegues are just out to look good but are really quite harmless. Also the news report during the film is set in a modern day American flash news report, this is there to do any narrating during the film and is also a great way to modernise the film. Like in all films camera shots play quite a large part in how any film is viewed. The variety of camera shots is very vast. You can get close ups to show facial expressions, for example there is a close up on Abra when we tries to startle the Montegues, he snarls at them, the close up shows a mettle gum plate, and then he says 'BOO!' and then he breaks up laughing When Ben Volio and Tybalt have an argument with each other there is a scene where it switches from a close up on Tybalt to a close up on Ben Volio, and keeps alternating ...read more.


Whereas the Capulets are wearing dark blue or black suits and drive in a dark blue car with dark tinted out windows. The different colour connotations clear differences between the families. The colour is also used to brighten the film up so that it is not seen as an old fashioned Shakespearian play. Denotation and Connotation are my last points to describe how the films media approach affects the viewing of the film. On of the shots in the opening scene is a picture of a giant Capulet building on the left of the shot, an equally giant Montegue building represent the high and mighty power of each family, but it shows that neither family has the upper hand of power because the buildings are of equal size. And the church represents that they are both of the same religion of Christianity but may also be separated by it and they don't follow the religion as true Christians, this is ironic because that separates them and yet they disobey their teachings to fight. The director uses two skyscrapers to modernize the image of the film once again. The connotation of this is that the two families have extreme power and the religion in between them separates them. ...read more.

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