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Romeo and Juliet - media coursework notesAn outline of the story It is set in Italy in a place called Verona

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Romeo and Juliet - media coursework notes An outline of the story * It is set in Italy in a place called Verona * It involves two families * One of the families is called the Capulets - they have a daughter called Juliet * The other family is called Montagues - They have a son called Romeo * The two families are at war and detest one another - they are enemies * At the beginning Romeo is unhappy because he is in love with someone who doesn't love him - she is called Rosaline * He thinks it is the end of the world * He has a best friend called Mercutio * And he has another friend called Benvolio * They are both really concerned until they hear there is going to be a enormous party * What they don't is, is that it is at Juliet's house * They aren't invited but decide to go along and ...read more.


Romeo says I can't go home without her * He runs into the garden and hides in the bushes * Juliet stands on the balcony and says, 'why do you have to be Romeo' but she doesn't know that Romeo is hiding in the bushes * Romeo comes out of the bushes and says 'I love you' * They both say lets get married * Juliet sends her nurse to set the date for the marriage * Her nurse does that and they set the date - the next day * They get married * On the way back from the wedding they bump into Juliet's cousin, Tybolt, who's a villain * Tybolt challenges him to a duel but Romeo says lets be friends because they are family now and Tybolt just laughs at him * Romeo starts to walk away but his friends are so disgusted at him * So Mercutio fights for him but Tybolt kills him * Romeo is ...read more.


you are dead, but after 48 hours you will re awake * When your mum and dad find you on your wedding day, they think you are dead and you will be put in a tomb * When you are in the tomb, the priest will send a message to Romeo and tell him to come and collect you * When they get there they'll run away * She takes the potion ut the plan was always too risky * The letter never got to Romeo * But it got to his friend who went and told Romeo, your wife is dead * Romeo goes to her tomb and takes some poison and dies in the tomb beside her * Two seconds later she wakes up and sees that he is dead. She is so upset, she picks up a dagger and kills herself * The families realise what happened and they unite together ?? ?? ?? ?? Amy Higgins 10K 3/10/2005 ...read more.

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