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Romeo and Juliet Modern Speaking and listening

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'Romeo And Juliet' - Speaking And Listening Presenter 1 - Presenter 2 - Juliet - Romeo - Lady Capulet - Nurse - Friar Lawrence - Tybalt - Presenter 1- Hello and welcome to Good Morning Verona! Presenter 2 - Coming up today, we have special guests Juliet Capulet and her mother the glamorous Lady Capulet. Presenter 1 - But more on that later on. Also on the show today we have a special on how to make the perfect ball gown. Presenter 2 - Lets get going. ...[Opening Titles] Presenter 2 - Today we have the pleasure of being joined by Lady Capulet and her daughter, Juliet. [Turns to Juliet and mother] Good morning! Juliet + Lady Capulet - Good morning Kate, Sally Presenter 1 - I believe you have had some good news in your family. Lady Capulet - Yes!!!!! Our dear daughter Juliet has been betrothed to the wonderful Paris. Presenter 1 + 2 - Awwwww. Wonderful!!! Lady Capulet - Yes the wedding should take place on Thursday morning, when our daughter will become the new bride to Verona's most wanted bachelor. ...read more.


You can't be! WHO IS HE??? Juliet - Well Mother, I was married yesterday morning, at Friar Lawrence's Church. [Glare at each other for a few seconds] Presenter 1 - well then lets bring him on to see why he agreed to this unexpected union. [Enter Friar Lawrence] Presenter 2 - good morning Friar. How are you ? Friar Lawrence - fine, fine. Presenter 1 - well let's get down to it. Friar Lawrence did you marry Juliet to another man yesterday?? Friar Lawrence - Yes Sally I did. I joined these two lovers under Gods watchful eye. Lady Capulet - How could you?? (Screaming) Who is he? I demand you tell me now! Friar Lawrence - I will not admit this without Juliet's consent. Juliet - you know what? I don't care anymore. Mother I will not hide it any longer. I want the world to know of my love. My Love FOR ROMEO MONTAGUE!!!!!!!!!! [Plays blind date music] [Enter ROMEO] Romeo - My love, we shall be together forever. ...read more.


There has been enough blood spilt between our families. Presenter 2 - well then maybe this is your chance. Backstage we have one of your enemies - Tybalt Capulet!! [Enter Tybalt] Tybalt - you've plagued my family for long enough. You shall not ruin the life of my poor young cousin Juliet! Romeo - its people like you that have caused this feud to go on for longer than needed. This should come to an end. There is no need for us to fight anymore. Tybalt - You say that you have a choice. Only when all of the Montague family are dead will I stop. Presenter 1 - There is no need for any violence on the show. Maybe if we sat down and talked about it. Tybalt - I will not talk to him. There is no way I will be civil with him. Romeo - why will you not end it?? Tybalt - I will end it once I have ended all your life. You stupid- Presenter 1 - okay well that's all for todays show folks. Tune in next week when we'll more of Verona's best Presenter 2 - Cya soon !!! [End Show] ...read more.

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