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Romeo and Juliet Monologue

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Why hath my dear Romeo done such a thing? He has terribly slain my poor cousin Tybalt. To make this situation even worse he did it immediately after our wedding. I thought I could trust him, but how am I supposed to trust him now, after this awful tragedy? If I hadst not given into him like I did I wouldst not be feeling like this, but still my love for him remains the same but this does not mean that I approve of his terrible behaviour. I have lied and betrayed my parents for him too, and I wouldst certainly not do this for anyone but for my Romeo I would do anything and I wouldst not want it to be any other way. ...read more.


Oh I can't let that happen...I just can't... Truthfully, I do feel like it is my fault that I am feeling in this way. If I hadst not met Romeo, I wouldst not have fallen in love with him and he wouldst not have been my beloved husband at this moment in time. But wherefore am I thinking like this? I shouldst not be thinking like this! Anyhow, Tybalt is the lifeless one here not Romeo so wherefore am I not as sad for Tybalt as I am for Romeo? Romeos best friend Mercutio hath died too though. Poor Romeo he must be distraught. ...read more.


Romeo isn't the only one who should be banished; it should be both of our families. I just hope I see my true love Romeo again. If he is really banished I will never see him again, and I would have to marry who my parents have chosen for me , the atrocious county Paris and I don't want t marry him. I do not love him I love Romeo. I want don't Paris to play any role in my life for as long as I live. Oh dear lord how I hope he comes and see's me, even tis for the last time. My life is not worth anything without Romeo. I just can't not see him again; it's too painful even thinking about it. I need him. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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