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Romeo and Juliet - Newspaper evaluation.

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Nicholas Coxon 11H 15th March 2002 Romeo and Juliet Newspaper Evaluation My task was to design a front cover for a newspaper, one tabloid and one broadsheet, to explain what happened in Verona square, in "Romeo and Juliet" Act 3 scene 1. One of the papers must be on the side of the Capulet's and the other on the side of the Montague's. I decided to base my tabloid paper biased to the Capulets, and the broadsheet against the Montague's. Newspapers throughout time have used the same ideas to get their point across. Tabloids using up more space on the front cover for pictures or big flashy head lines. Broadsheets on the other hand use less space on their front page to show fancy pictures, they use less area space for pictures and use that extra area for more writing. Tabloids also tend to use slang words, or short words, such as "cops" instead of "the police." Broadsheets use formal language and do not use slang. ...read more.


The first paragraph explains that Romeo was "forced" into killing Tybalt. It then moves on to an interview with Romeo's friend, Benvolio who saw everything. He describes that it was in the "heat of the moment" and tells us that there was nothing else Romeo could have done. Moving from the text we see under the picture of Romeo that he is banished for doing "king's dirty work." This basically is saying that the king gave the Montague's and Capulet's a warning that if they fight or argue whoever causes it will be killed. So it is saying that Romeo is being banished for something that the king would have done anyway for killing Mercutio. This is just put there to get the reader on the side of the Montague by thinking "what matters who kills Tybalt as long as he is dead for killing Mercutio?" The broadsheet was biased to the Montagues. The headline reads "Son of Montague causes havoc in the streets of Verona!" ...read more.


I used the word "grieving" instead of something like "crying" as it is what broadsheet papers do, they choose alternative words for the short ones to make it sound more sophisticated. As an advert I used a "Gold plated Wrist Watch" as in a broadsheet paper when you get an add for something it is of high class, as the writers of broadsheets look to attract high class people, the items they are selling will be of high class as they are the only ones who could afford them. In the broadsheet I have also put in some lures, ones that would be relevant to Capulets, like the wedding of Juliet and Paris. I think I did well in my newspapers when trying to be biased against one or the other of the families. The only problem I had with the broadsheet was I think I did the interview bit to long, and the problem with the tabloid is I didn't use enough slang, or informal language. These are the problems I will look at if I ever do this newspaper again. ...read more.

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