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Romeo and Juliet review.

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Romeo and Juliet review. Starring: Clare Danes Leonardo Di Caprio Director: Baz Luhrmann The Plot: Thunder crashing in, lightning flashing wildly, rain pouring, a storm brewing, much like the tension of this crucial yet tragic scene. The perfect opening. Set on the beach, where laughing and joking Mercutio and his friends wait for Romeo. Typical of Mercutio and well portrayed in the movie with him watching the young girls in bikinis. Tybalt comes storming down, causing a real storm to begin. Verbal abuse is thrown and, although you can see as ever Mercutio is trying to make a joke of it all, he and Tybalt are starting to feel more and more anger for each other, shown by the cameras switching back and forth from them quickly. ...read more.


I thought it was very effective when everyone thought Mercutio was still being himself and joking, and the shock when they found he was dead. The choir music showed how solemn an occasion this was but yet was still powerful enough to Romeo's shock and sheer rage. We see what an impulsive character he is and acts on the spur of the moment without thinking, as we have seen in various aspects of the play, as he seeks revenge on Tybalt. The fact that it is pouring with rain and the speed of the car he is driving, and when he gets out of the car, the way he screams at Tybalt, the same phrase "I, or thou, or both must go with him!" ...read more.


My Verdict This was refreshingly easy to understand, despite the different style of language. Very much a film for those who like action as well as those who are real romantics! It kept me on the edge of my seat while still hitting me on an emotional level. Could be a bit hurried in places and you could miss a part that is valuable later, especially if you don't fully understand the language, but once you've seen it you'll watch it over and over again, so you won't miss a thing. Not a family friendly movie, but it is rated 12 anyway so that shouldn't be a problem. It was truly gripping and unpredictable, a great movie to watch, but I wouldn't be expecting any kiddies action figures out anytime soon! *****-Emma Herron ...read more.

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